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  1. It’s no secret. I am an introvert and don’t like company. In doses. Husband is a good man. We spent a lot of money doing up our home. Moved into a good suburban place and great for kids too. I had to spend 9 months living at in-laws. Wasn’t happy about this but there wasn’t a choice as we wanted to free up money from previous home to do the refurb. We were living with them, they would visit our house project daily too. I appreciate they cooked, and gave us a roof over our heads but missed our own space. I really struggled with all this. In the process, a house opposite me two doors dow
  2. I have a baby due very soon and we have bought a new home. It is a huge project, with a completion timeline of 4-5 months. We put our current house on the market couple of weeks ago and a offer was accepted by us. It sold quicker than we thought. I think we expect completion within 8-10 weeks. i have a baby due around this time too. My husband said he may speak to the buyers and see if he can buy a few weeks. But of course, the new home will still not be ready. Which leads me to my dilemma. We either move to my parents or my inlaws. My parents: Live in a bigger home, and have sp
  3. He denies it being a form of ego boost. He still protests the phone calls were innocent. Talking about work/cases He says he never cheated. He insists his mistake was not taking the call in the car. Which led to doubt. And me thinking the worst. Which he doesn’t blame me for. I’m just rattling in my head.
  4. The number change was to prove to me he is committed to cutting off ties. He had blocked her already. But i think it was to show me he is committed and wants nothing to do with any female. I do believe him. I’m just shocked at him communicating with another woman. That’s all. He is a good man. I think he just got caught up in a silly moment speaking to someone from his past from time to time, over the course of 9 months. The principle is still wrong..he should not be communicating with a person from the past that he knows liked him back at University. And keeping it from me. For
  5. I have read through all the replies and appreciate them. Thursday morning, before he left for work, he stopped me in the hallway and apologised. He looked as though he was about to cry. Apologised for keeping it from me. that this was a pure civil friendship. Few minute discussions regarding work. I had nothing to say. I just listened. He said he is extremely embarrassed, and upset at himself for hurting me. That it is eating him up inside. He bought this upon himself, having the same number since he was 16. That friends of his changed their number when they got married. And now he understa
  6. We have been married 7 years and have two children together. We have had our ups and downs in the past; mainly relating to him being so attached to his family. But in the last year or two, things have settled down. We have reached a common ground and don’t have any issues. We seem content and life is good. We share absolutely everything..talk about everything. He rings me on the way to work, lunchtimes and on the way home (most times). So i feel we are extremely close and happy. Around 6 months ago, his phone was ringing while he was mowing the lawn outside. I thought it was work. Ran
  7. I feel like we play tug of war with each other and we both are losing. he wants to have lots of time with his family. i work weekends, and if i don't work we can't afford to feed a lavish lifestyle of private education, luxury holidays etc. he alone earns very well, but we would live modestly on his income. so i chip in to work hard to help achieve a common goal, of private education for our kids, bigger house, my own expenses etc. the children are his responsibility on the weekends. but i feel he can be so childish sometimes. for example, his parents returning from holiday. our chi
  8. i have had a lot of issues growing up..i don't think through what im going to say..i get angry and just vent..push him
  9. Some of you may remember me as i have posted previously me and my husband have only ever argued about one thing...his family. I have continuously controlled and hated his bond with them, and how close/attached he is to his parents. we have never argued about anything else..but 'how often he goes' 'how close he is to them' 'how he selflessly helps them all' he tries to balance and manage all his relationships, so sees them every day but knows i don't like having the over often. today is the 16th day at work i have done non stop. it's been hard as i'm away from my very young children
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