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  1. I prob should have added this before but he told me about women turning him down BEFORE I revealed to him my interest verbally. That's the only reason why I said anything bcuz I was just letting him know that there actually is a woman who likes him and that woman is me. And then that's when he said he had basically stopped trying to date which translated to me "I don't like you back" All is well though we are still bn cool with each other.
  2. I don't feel that way at all. I already could tell he wasn't interested, he just confirmed it with his words. I told him it's fine we can just be cool. Him not bn interested in me for whatever reason doesn't make me any difference.
  3. Once again, that quote was just me responding to a question I was asked. When I asked my friend if he knew why the women weren't interested in him his response was "mostly because of my looks."
  4. He said himself his looks were mostly the reason the women turned him down I'm not assuming, that's what he said himself. Im just saying I can believe that to be true based off of his looks and what even women I know have said. But regardless none of that really matters what matters is that he's not interested. I was just curious as to could it be bcuz of insecurity on his part due to bn rejected so much.
  5. Looks wise to me he is not what women are physically attracted to. I showed his picture to my mother and a female friend and they both said he was ugly. My mother even went as far as saying she would be embarrassed showing people a pic of him and I together smh lol. BUT, I find him attractive. He looks better now than he did like a yr or so ago.
  6. I attract men all the time, he however keeps getting turned down because of his looks.
  7. So I recently revealed to a guy that I like him but he told me he had basically stopped dating and pursuing women for now. The reason being that all the women he has been trying to date ended up not being interested in him so he basically gave it up and is just enjoying singleness. I actually know one of the women he tried to date who turned him down. He's not what most woman would consider attractive so I think his looks may be playing a role but other than that Idk why they keep turning him down. I'm attracted to him and think he's a great guy. I'm just curious as to why a man whose being re
  8. Yeah some ppl are def open books, and this is something I would think would be weighing heavily on a man so makes sense he would share if given the opportunity.
  9. Thank you! I think us women do sometimes tend to read too much into things when we like a guy. Why he told me really shouldn't matter what he told me should. I'm just going to continue being cool with him and leave it at that.
  10. I definitely don't believe for one sec he is interested in me. Even before he revealed this info to me I didn't believe he liked me at all. The question is more so about why he would reveal something that personal to me even though we aren't close not whether or not he is showing interest.
  11. He's dealing with a legal matter that's keeping him from being able to work his normal job. That maybe why he hasn't tried to ask me out cause I'm been wanting him to. But now I prefer to wait until this legal issue is settled and he's able to go back to with before dating him anyway.
  12. It was through text and yes I like him but he's not asking me out.
  13. The guy I've been dating for 5 months just out of nowhere stopped responding to me about 2 weeks ago but just told me the other day that he has been ducking me because we need to talk. What do you think it could be? Everything was fine the last time we spoke so idk wat could have happened that is so serious he started avoiding me but I kno it's not good. I feel like it's about another woman or he wants to break up. Opinions?????
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