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  1. I think he could be embarrassed (5 seconds c'mon...) but leaving someone on read is typical these days as young people seem very apathetic. It's not nice being left on read and wondering why we won't talk to you sober so I think it's better to cut your losses and move on before you get hurt more
  2. Hi i think this is a case of let sleeping dogs lie
  3. That doesn’t sound like flirting. Are you more experienced than he is? Maybe that’s why he frequently calls/talks to you. When he does this are you discussing work related matters? Maybe he’s trying to pick your brain on a certain problem, client etc. However physical touching does sound like flirting. Honestly I’ve never had reason to touch any of my colleagues except shaking their hands, patting them on the back (males only) or other forms of celebrating eg. high fives How often/frequent is the physical touching? Do you find you have this effect on other men or is it just this guy?
  4. My hotmail got hacked once. I found out when a friend told me he had received an email from me with some dodgey stuff inside. Just change your security question and password Either your gf has trust issues or you've shown her evidence of being unfaithful in the past and now she's suspicious
  5. Men still are fertile even with low sperm counts (and how low is low? just below average or are we talking less than 10% normal?) it only takes one remember I think if he's a good husband and affectionate it's a good indication that he'll be a good father. As for the balance of responsibility, some people are just natural leaders and some people like to follow. I think you're a leader and he likes that. It's probably one of the reasons he's attracted to and loves you. A guy that loves you, has full time employment and is affectionate to you doesn't sound like bad father material. As for
  6. Best to leave him alone You probably already broke his heart Please don't use him just to make yourself feel better
  7. ] . ] . West Coast NZ Been stuck here for work for the past few months
  8. I think the best thing you can do is try focus on spending more time with the baby and letting her have a break so she can unwind and think clearly (the baby's probably all that's on her mind). You could take the baby for the day and buy her a day pass at a beauty spa or something. Then have dinner ready when she comes home. The key is to follow on and continue doing things like this for her (so it's not a one off) Don't pressure or keep asking for sex this must be a big turn off for her. Instead treat her like you've just started dating and you want to give her special times and memories
  9. What did you do to be a lousy husband?
  10. I think this is his issue to work on, not yours What's he like afterwards? Does he show affection or move off quickly?
  11. We all make mistakes please don't be too hard on yourself. It's time to start healing and believing in yourself. You deserve to be happy not trapped in the past
  12. To be honest OP she sounds like a lovely lady with a wonderful job. I think you should be with her. The grass isn't always greener.
  13. I'm working at a plant at the moment commissioning it and often during our daily meetings there's chocolates and biscuits on the table. My main deterrent for munching them is the effect it has on my teeth. I always end up needing fillings and dental work whenever I go to the dentist so I try to use that to stop my sweet tooth
  14. I wouldn't jump at a medical cause. Most times it's psychological/arousal. Try being more spontaneous or something that's not usually in your normal intimacy like taking a bath together etc, putting your feet in his crotch etc. Sometimes guys need a physical break/rest too. I know I get sore down there
  15. If there's been no evidence before to suggest he'd have an affair I think it's just something he forgot about. I recall that episode of everybody loves raymond when ray loses his ring or something and it causes a bit of a scandal. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion he's putting his pickle in another lady's jar unless there's been previous evidence or his soccer story changes/isn't true
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