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  1. To RoboWarrior I want to appologize for not explaining that I have been living with the same young lady for already 1 semester (4months) and this is the second semester. At the beginning, we made a room agreement. We have a study time and a quiet time. We even have times when we have to clean the room. No boys/men are allowed to sleep over AT ALL and if she wants to have sex, make sure I am out of the room (I told her this at the beginning before all of this started. She did it anyway. I reported it.) unfortunately, she hasn't followed the contract since we agreed on it. We both signed it and
  2. I had just came from a meeting and i was left feeling like I wasted someone else's time. My roommate and I have been getting along for sometime. Her friends were over while my friend and I were working on a movie. They were very noisy singing songs 3:00 in the morning! I found it very inconsiderate at the fact that my friend and I were trying to get our work done and the ladies didn't notice that it was late and they were not outside but indoors @ night. I thought to myself, "The next time this happens I am going to tell the to 'LEAVE'!" However, as much as I thought of them as being
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