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  1. It's my goal to move out, I have been trying to for so long but I and my partner are university students and can't afford it. I am on a "student wage" and can barley afford books I need for university. We help around the house with groceries, cook, clean all that kind of stuff. My partner often gets frustrated with me saying things like "you have no idea how this affects me", "why can you just put up with my family" and I really don't know how to explain myself to him.
  2. I have lived with my partner and his family for many years, however things have been getting harder for me socially. I am an introvert and find it almost impossible to socialise or leave my room. My partners family does not understand why I am like this, they are very, very loud and social people. I often skip dinners and don't leave my room unless I know no one is out there. When my partner is at work and I am left in the house with his family I will hold my urge to use the bathroom until he gets back (He is usually working from five to six hours) to check that no one is out there. I have tri
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