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  1. That is what I would like to avoid. I dont what to think people that I am self centered person. This is why I am really eager to discover disorder. Most of the time that I am misinterpreted. Soon, I will be seeing my physician and I have prepared some items to discuss based on my observation and other's observation. It's hard to avoid but I can see that I could now handle some bipolar thing because I am aware and getting educated. I am lucky that I am diagnosed. It was a good decision that I seek assistance in the past.
  2. Thank you for this very helpful advice. You know my mind knows and was set not to expect to much, but my told me that different way. I feel better know after reading your comments. I will always remember this. It will not be an easy transition, but I am really awaken with the comments of each members who read and shared their thoughts here. Yes, be kind but not to forget to be smart and to love myself. Thank you once again,
  3. Thank you for this reminder. It felt really bad for me because I was really supportive of him especially when he was at his lowest part of his life. I have been extra supportive to him so much especially when his mother suffered from cancer because cancer runs in his family and my mother died due to the same cause. His mother eventually died this year and I was there for him. It really felt so much bad that I have been supporting someone in his worst time of his life and here I am being ignored. I know that his grieving for the loss of his mother. Since he discovered that his mom suffered from cancer, I extended my understanding why it took time for him to reply to my messages. But this time around there's something different that I could feel. You are right. I have been ghosted. It's just starting to sink in me. I have been ghosted in the past but this one is different. I have invested so much emotion to this guy. To be honest, part of me was telling that he was not that kind of guy. Part of me was in denial. But really, thank you for this comment because this helps me accept the reality that he is sending a message to me not to disturb him anymore. Well, I don't regret helping and caring for him. And yes, I really need to accept it.
  4. You know, I have been more rationalize since the day that I posted this. And this came across my mind as well. Because I had experience in the past that there was a manager who has been consistently visiting me in my workplace. This manager asked me if we could go out sometime after I resigned. But after three or five months, I discovered that he is already in a relationship. The difference with this guy and with the manager is that I have developed special feelings and attraction for this guy and with the manager I was just starting to be interested. So if one of these days I see him with someone else, I will not be surprised. Really appreciate this comment because my intuition says the same thing because I have already experience this thought in the past.
  5. Hi Wiseman, I have a psychiatrist that takes care of my medication and recommendations. Yes, I have real life. But in the context of pandemic and hard lock down in my place, everything is limited. I have friends to confine to but you know that they are busy.I have few friends who were there for me when I discovered my bipolar condition last year. As they saw me that I have recovered from deep depression, the interaction diminished. Only few understand and educated what bipolar means. I have a cousin who visits me from time to time but it's always very quick due to pandemic context and he has family and business to attend to. Recently, my Facebook was hacked and I discovered who are there for me. But as my account was hacked, I understand that some distance themselves because they don't want to be affected with the potential digital virus. Also after the incident, I decided not to stress myself recuperating all my contacts and my facebook account. Instead I am now focus on my work and on my granny. I decided also to live my life more privately. The current pandemic situation has limited my social life. My granny and I are not yet vaccinated. Establishments now are closed except the supermarkets. I am member of a bipolar group but my Facebook was hacked. I go to work and I take some courses to develop my career online. You know, I try to keep on moving here. I know that random internet people can not replace appropriate mental health care. Do not worry, I take my medications and I follow my doctor's recommendation. But there are things that I couldn't express to the people who are close to me and there are alternative ideas and advices that I could get from this group.. I am looking for other perspective. I am now starting to be depressed and I have already booked an appointment with my psychiatrist and I am planning to ask for endorsement or recommendation for a psychologist for therapy.
  6. We have been supporting each other since last year we met at the workplace. Even it is pandemic and lockdown. We have been supporting each other in our professional life and personal life. He has been very supportive to me. Majority of our conversations are virtually. Chat, phone calls, video calls. We dont hang out together personally due to pandemic. He has been consistently there for me. There was a moment that he asked me if it was okay that we could eat together at our common friend's restaurant if things turns better. There are times that he don't reply immediately and I understand that because had family issues and work. But this time, something is different . I feel sad because we have been supporting each other. And I know that I have been so much attached to him. I have to accept the reality that even he is kind, generous, supportive, respectful and he cares (or should I say used to care for me) that he is already gone and he don't want to be disturbed anymore. I never had bad experience with him personally and virtually.
  7. Hi Wiseman, thanks for sending this. I already tried it many times and at least I got the chance to report it. It asked for my ID and they will contact me to verify things. Thanks, as always 🙂
  8. Thanks for these kind words. Yes, I have bring back my self esteem and stop thinking about it. It’s painful and I am looking forward to ease the pain each day. I love the idea of redirection. I am coming out of the box from the idea that he might be my perfect match. I really do need to accept the reality that he might stopped caring for me.
  9. A friend and former co-worker. Maybe. I developing feelings towards him so much. I am in the process now of detaching myself from him. I did before but it went back. Now, it’s hurtful. He is a very kind man. But I cannot force him if he don’t want to interact with me anymore. Maybe there’s something in me or in my personality that he doesn’t like. The act of ignoring is painful but I came to realize that a man who likes/loves me would embrace for who I am. This is not the first time that I have been ignored. But maybe it was more hurtful because all the ideals of a potential partner, I saw on him. He was really into getting to know me. I thought that he accepted me as someone with bipolar adhd and ocpd, with my family background. Or maybe he is really busy. I am so sorry here I am thinking of the reasons ‘why’ while I should keep moving on.
  10. hello everyone, I need your help my facebook account was hacked and figured out that facebook has no chat support or email of anything. I have tried to report the hacked account but the hacker changed my email settings. I cant recuperate password by phone and email. Do you have any idea how to recuperate my account. Please help I am really getting frustrated...
  11. I am seing a psychiatrist and I am taking meds. But I am not taking any therephy session with a psychologist. This coming consultation, I will ask if she could refer someone. Thanks so much for your insights.
  12. Thank you very much for your support. I do remember that I ordered online a journal where I could right down my feelings but I was really pre-occupied with many things. It is a great idea. Currently, I am crying. Mixed of emotions. Because of what I am undergoing with and because I receive certain amount of support from this group. Dealing with anxiety and depression is very hard to do. And it's hard to find someone to talk with here. Thank you so much.
  13. Yes, you are right. I have decided to uninstall my apps because I have realized that this no reply thing from this guy makes me wonder why and I dwelled too much time checking my social media accounts. Thank you for the advice. I will take the courage to cut ties with him already by deleting him I cant force myself to someone. Thank you for reminding me about my psychiatrist, actually I have booked a consultation with her because I believe that what I am feeling is not that normal. This extreme sadness for this past three days...
  14. We met personally in workplace. But due to pandemic and lockdown thing, we communicate virtually. But yes, you have a point. Also, chasing a man is not my thing. I can't just help to be sad and feel the pain. It is hard to ignore this kind of feeling.
  15. We met personally in workplace. But due to pandemic and lockdown thing, we communicate virtually. But yes, you have a point. Also, chasing a man is not my thing. I can't just help to be sad and feel the pain. It is hard to ignore this kind of feeling.
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