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  1. I always do background check. Just like the experience you shared, Googling someone saved my life many times especially from narcissist men.
  2. Yes, exactly. I have been involved in the research. Sorting information that are valid or not is essential. Let's say that I was also in the state of shock knowing the identity and reputation of the guy. This is why I ran into this site rather than talking to someone whom I know to validate things. Because I don't want to create chaos and as I always mention, it would be more objective to talk here rather than to a friend or family (knowing their cultural orientation) because they may easily judge the guy and would affect my decision as well.
  3. Yes, I am under medication. I am aware of that. But I am also a lady who is cautious in interacting with a man as well, as I am already alone in life. I want to be careful. Just like a company, I would like to conduct background check first before letting a man in my life especially if he is showing interest romantically. Also, I have a HR and background. I believe this has contributed me to conduct further research for the purpose of protecting myself. I have been doing this ever since I was not yet diagnosed.
  4. This is why I am asking thought from this site. But as I have replied to Wiseman2's comment, I have reflected. I will still based on how he treat me in person because there's no hundred percent assurance that he's the same person that I found in the internet.
  5. I will. I will stop overthinking... :)
  6. Thanks for the insight. I really need to validate not only to myself but also from other people because I don't want to quickly judge someone and break our friendship or if ever the possibility of romantic link with him because he is really a good person.
  7. Thanks for reminding my bipolar situation. This is why I searched opinion and insights here rather from people whom I know. Indeed, I was in manic last night. And I ran into this site because I don't want to ruin the guy's image for uncertain information. Also it is nice to hear different perspectives from outside my sphere and from different cultures. I believe both my OCPD and bipolar disorder brought me to this worries. The results of the internet searches may remind me to be more cautious but at the same time I need to be more grounded and realistic in accepting someone as partner.
  8. Thank you for your insight. My mind has refreshed from these worries.
  9. When I wrote the post, I have just discovered the username in those sites and I was in a state of shock. After hours of sleep and being pre-occupied on my daily tasks and my job, I have realized that I should not based my emotions 100 % on what I have seen last night. And the fact that a large percent of men has his name also. I would say that my experience last night may give me a signal to be more careful but at the same time stay objective on dealing with man. Honestly, the guy was the most gentleman and mature who has approached me. He's way more better than those who I had techni
  10. I am trying to be objective. I deactivated my social media account and stopped searching about him. I think that I had searched enough. Now, I am focusing on my new job and try not initiating any form of contact. I understand that he also needs space because of his mother's death. As I had mentioned in a previous comment, I will give him a chance if he will contact me and he would ask me out. Perhaps, from there I could judge fairly if I will continue with him because I can see his behaviors and how he would treat me as a lady. I am not an internet person and dating virtually is very hard for
  11. Thanks for this advice. It came up to my mind few weeks ago this idea.
  12. It’s a real red flag for me. Whether its him or not, I will give him a chance. But once I become uncomfortable with a such unusual behavior (for example slip of the tongue, the types of activities are dominantly sexually involved etc...)and if my instinct kicks, I will cut ties immediately. But yes, I agree with you. People post on their true colors anonymously. This words are very helpful.
  13. Because his in the Hispanic culture, his name is common in a sense that when you type both first and last name, it will appear thousands of accounts in Facebook for example.
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