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  1. Hi catfeeder, Thanks for the advice. Normally, I can deal with other people in a very diplomatic way. But with family members, I easily tend to be swayed by emotions. It's been three months that I stopped communicating with them because every time I hear their voice, I really feel uncomfortable. There's an unexplainable feeling. Maybe I was traumatized by the way the treated me in the past. I decided not to speak with them because I have tons of problems and I would like to focus on healing. Thank you for this advice. I'll start practicing this now with my grandmother because there are
  2. Hi Rose Mose, Thanks for the advice. I am now seeing a psychiatrist. Luckily I have someone who is there to help me and she even provides a discount on my consultation. She will endorse me to a life coach so that I could know how to handle my difficulties at work. I have already decided to rest for a month. From my experience in the past, it made me more depress being unemployed. So now, I am planning ahead. Finding a job or business home-based since it is dangerous outside my country due to high CoVid cases and perhaps will continue my online course. I used to have a clean home. I lost
  3. Hi Wiseman, I am seeing a psychiatrist and it will be my third session this coming month with her. She is more dealing with my depression first. Then, our next agenda for the next session is my relationship with my granny and re-evaluate my skills to land into the job where I fit.
  4. Good day, everyone! My family has gone into a lot of conflicts like money issues and trust issues. I have been praying that one day our family tree will be healed. Everything is on the way to going better. Although I must admit that there are some of my granny's children have not changed but yet I can see the progress. Currently, I am in a state of depression. I believe that I should be happy right now. But it seems that I feel the contrary. My aunts and uncles have mistreated me in the past. I cut off communication with them because I believe that I deserve respect even though I am
  5. Catfeeder, thanks for the opinion. This is the reason I gave to my last employer. Because I lasted only 6 months last year from another company. Then now, 6 months again. I am now re-evaluating my strengths and I think it is about time to work in the fields which are really related in my academic background. I was thinking of a family reason linked with the pandemic crisis context so that it would not be redundant...
  6. That's a great idea. I will have my consultation next month and will ask this matter if she could assist me. I normally practice or watch videos about job interviews before I apply to boost confidence. But this one now is exceptional. I did start the medication last May. It was not worked at first. I really felt sleepy always. But with other factors that trigger my depression, I felt restless. Now that I have filed resignation, the company has diminished my responsibilities because they are aware of my condition and put me in the Performance Improvement Program. Recently, I felt somehow r
  7. Thanks for your opinion. I really need validation. Although, I knew it already that this has a negative impact because I work as an HR before. But yes, you are right. I am currently searching for an idea to answer them professionally and if ever they will conduct a background check, I am safe.
  8. Hello everyone. I need your professional advice. First of all, I hope everyone is coping up well in this pandemic crisis. Recently, I received the result of my neuro-psychiatric exam. According to the results, I have ADHD with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Before I knew the result, I didn't that I have been experiencing depression. The diagnosis worsens my emotional state which caused me not to perform well in my work. Then, I sought help from my neuro-psychiatrist as I have been crying while I am working and I felt each day is very gloomy. She referred me to a psychiatrist. I a
  9. I like that you opened up to me the idea of attorney specializing in elder law. This helpful. I am fully aware that I can't have free legal advice on the internet. But I have to research first where or what will be my first move. In my country, there are some lawyers that don't do their job sincerely and I have to be very cautious. Thank you for this idea, at least I know from which point I can start. In response to your reply, it has been four years that my grandmother live with me. I am the one who finance her and I didn't asked any single centavo from her kids. There are times that she i
  10. Thank you for the advice.This is helpful. I appreciate that you provide me options. Once again, thank you.
  11. Hello, I would appreciate if you could give me some advice. I would like to know if a grandchild can file a legal guardianship for her 80 plus grandmother. Basically my grandmother don't want to go back to her children. The story is a bit long, I apologize. You may, however refer to the previous post. In case, I am doing this because I have been taking care all alone for 4 years. And my worry is that he has a son who has a habit of fabricating stories. He has been wicked to me and someone told me that I should take legal actions because maybe one day he might twist the story and tell
  12. Me and my relatives (uncles, aunt and their families) took care of her. But before that it was my mother who mainly took the responsibility but she died. Due to family conflicts, they could not take care of my grandmother. I took the initiative to do that not only because she raised but in our culture, we rarely put elderly in home care. I spoke, discussed if she's open with the possibility to be returned to one of her children. And she don't like the idea. For the past few days, I felt low because I got worried about my plans and dreams and life. But after days of reflection, I have
  13. "Because they probably think she has more money than she actually has. They think money is her motivation to take care of granny." Smackie9's response is correct. In addition, ever since I was a kid, she has trusted me and my mother managing her finances. In the past, she had bad experience with her children in terms of financial matters. They are also angry because I am just her granddaughter and they are her children. It is such an insult that the granddaughter who is the one holding the money instead of them.
  14. Thank you for the insight. Yes, Englis is not my native language. Someone has suggested me similar idea but in my country that is not fully acceptable, culturally speaking. In addition, I am not comfortable with that. I want to have quality time with her. She's already old and I don't want her to feel abandoned. In the past, one of her children opened up this kind of idea to her and she got depressed. She has lived in all of her kids' houses and she once expressed to me that her children treated her like a ball, after few months she will be passed to another child. She even lived abroad
  15. Thanks for the insight. I believe that it is not my responsibility 100% to take care of my grandmother. Her children should somehow contribute in terms of financial matters. But in the context that there's a family conflict and no one has the patience to take care and understand her, I took the initiative. Since I am the only person whom she could count on in the house, she asked me to do this and do that even I am tired from work. Yes, I am looking for a better job that has relatively higher salary so that someone could take care when I am not around or someone she can talk to with.
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