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  1. Thanks for all the reply's. I moved back to my parents because i had good credit got myself a new car, but i work construction and it slows down during winter wasn't working and didn't want to take unemployment because of my ego and i couldn't pay credit cards so my credit fell. so i thought i can move to my parents pay of my cards and debt and build my credit and save up for a house. Me and Sierra(my daughters mother) have a very good friendship have set co-parenting terms.I am a good father the thought of leaving a women i loved to be closer and see my child everyday should say it all.
  2. I am asking for peoples opinion about what happened to my relationship to help me heal. Sorry for the grammar and its sorta a long story. I met a lovely lady on a dating app called plenty of fish in February. At the time i was living with my baby mamma because my name was on the lease and i knew she couldn't pay it herself, but there was no feelings there. so we met up hit it off on the first date like i knew her for a long time. since this was the time covid was going on we met at a park and within the same week we met again at her house. i knew she wanted to sleep with me but i am not th
  3. Well that's good to he's and do not break NC.. I broke NC and now looking bad at it I shouldn't have makes you feel like crap all over again.do what ever you can to keep busy and dont focus on the relationship you had just distract your mind and the feels will fade...sure you think of them but it gets better like everyone said
  4. I would say just let him be and walk away sounds very rude and you shouldn't put up with that..nobody should
  5. i always wondered this too i mean being a male how does someone find me girls don't like to make the first moves or anything. so if both sides stop looking how do you find each other?
  6. i have asked her out already but she said no she wants to get to know me better first..
  7. I didn't know where to post this but a girl gave me her number but when I txt her she gives short answers and never starts a conversation or asks anything about me am I over thinking this? Or is she not interested?
  8. I am seeing a girl that is real good friends with her ex she goes over his house for hours.my question is it a Los cause she just broke up with him about 2 weeks ago..and when I mean seeing I don't mean dating bit we already full on made out and planning on seeing her tomorrow and she wants to full out kiss again..
  9. thanks i guys i have been hitting the gym and been working crazy and gonna do some online college. been trying to learn electric guitar wanted to learn a long time ago but ex-gf was saying it would be a waste of money because i would never use it. all in all is it wrong for me wanting to be ahead of her in life like have a better job better car stuff of that natural and if she gets ahead of me i will feel ashamed.. is it wrong to think that way? been wanting to see psychologist but i wasn't sure if i was gonna pay a lot or what but gonna get around to it now. is it weird to say coming out of t
  10. its been almost 3 months feel some progress but sometimes i think i am as bad as day 1. so i noticed i over analyse the relationship all the time and tell myself what did i do wrong and if i was a horrible person. and my question to you is analyzing the relationship holding me back? if anything that involves her come to mind should i try to stray my mind? one thing that makes me feel better is saying i can do better and i will do better over and over. and saw a post earlier that was i was thinking it was her already searching for someone and i killed me and i was trying to find out
  11. yes that's me in the picture and thanks for your replies and advise.
  12. some might have seen my other posts about my recent break up and it messed up me self esteem more... i have very bad self esteem issues i think i am very unattractive mainly because i been told all my life that i am ugly and had no luck with women. and i am very shy i cant seem to go up to a women and talk to her or to shy to do so. even when i go up to someone i don't know what the hell to say. even when it comes to people they say i don't talk much but its like i don't know what to talk about or if i talk about something they well think i am weird or think bad of me or get annoyed. when i
  13. to be honest with you people i never really wanted to have sex with my gf because i thought i was horrible in bed or me being skinny while she was bigger not being able to do many positions so she would say its boring. but it was mostly because i didn't think i was good in bed or didn't last long so i would think she thinks of me bad.i did the whole i was tired thing once..
  14. I have some questions i need some info in. 1.Should you always hold your girlfriends hand all the time even 20 years later? 2.If a girl you are dating for 1 yr+ doesn't seem interested in getting to know your family is it a red flag? 3. If a girl is attracted to guys that look and seem the opposite of you is that a red flag? 4.Should the girl or guy be all lovey dovey in a relationship or be equal? 5.if the above question equals just one sided is it a red flag? 6.If the girl doesn't make any moves into getting her partner to have sex is it a red flag? 7.we only have sex if i make the mo
  15. Maybe its just me but does it matter how many he's been with. All that should matter is that he's with you now. Maybe afraid of being judged if he answers it.
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