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  1. There aren't any, and anyone telling you to sign up to a paid site isn't in the current dating scene and shouldn't be giving out bad (and costly) "advice". You are exactly right about Match and EH, they're both shells of their former selves loaded with long abandoned accounts. The big apps are bumble and hinge nowadays.
  2. Yes I've noticed it too, but there was a category you missed. People that just want some virtual interaction and have no intentions of meeting, I've had that happen a few times since March on the apps. Also sometimes I'll have more matches than I can handle and some slip through the cracks but it seems to have cooled off now, which is normal for the dating scene right before Christmas. After new years it'll probably be crazier than ever though.
  3. Match lets anyone sign up for free, but they have to pay to read your message. I'd assume the bulk of the women you're sending messages to aren't paid members as it was like that the last time I was on there. Before the free swipe apps were all the rage a good enough portion of my messages on match were responded to and some weeks I'd go on 3 dates. It was a ghost town the last time I went on there, well, lots of "members" but none that could see what I sent them.
  4. Yes you jump through hoops and all they end up sending you is whoever is closest, which makes the whole thing pointless. You only need to do a quick search to read some reviews on that site to see what its all about, its a scam. I was on it back in the day when the profiles would say "not active for 30+ days" meaning the person was long gone (and it was 90% of the matches they'd send you). Then they removed that - tells you all you need to know.
  5. Don't use sites that require you to send a message, especially if its free. Last girl I dated said she signed up to POF and would wake up to 100 messages every day, she just went into the settings and deleted it. I met her on Bumble.
  6. eHarmony is the worst dating site out there. Its filled with dead profiles they present to you as active and so does match. Back in 2013-2014 Match use to be good but eHarmony has always been a scam. Best "sites" (around here anyway) are bumble and hinge.
  7. That message was cringe and I assume your others were too hence her cancellations, which were all lies because your cringy / needy / beta messages ran her off.
  8. You need to cut off all contact immediately on all aspects - that means messaging, calling and seeing her around or running into her randomly. Has to be like that for at least a couple years so you can move on. In your current state she cannot be allowed to message you as she pleases and say the things she says as its only making things worse. It happened to me back when I was 18 and I moved 3.5 hrs away to my dads to get away from it all and it worked beautifully, I may as well have moved to another planet because every thought I had about her faded away and I got my inner peace back.
  9. I think you are one of a few guys she's currently sleeping with and one of them is currently ranking higher which explains the sketchy communication. I'd start looking elsewhere if I was you or drop her all together
  10. If you were younger that would require one answer, but since you are in your 30's and she's all over the map I'd probably keep dating as she sounds like she's on shaky ground. There is nothing worse than wasting 3-4 months on someone that wasn't ready to actually be in a relationship. I've done that twice recently and it sucks, also 30's. When people tell you about themselves this early when dating listen as she is telling you she's skittish and not ready. Her introducing you to her friends/family doesn't really mean anything as they are probably the ones telling her to get back out there, so she's showing them that she is, even though she doesn't sound ready. If you are her rebound its going to be short term anyways, so keep looking!
  11. I've only come across this once back in college and I couldn't really blow her off after I got "friend zoned" as we had almost all of our classes together. Turned out she had recently been dumped by her ex and it was all she cared about and talked about when we'd hang out as "friends" after I gave up. Her mind was elsewhere and this one could be too but if not, always remember if you treat them like friends - shocker - they'll be your friend and the romance part is gone.
  12. It was an excuse and a very bad one at that - they always are. Now that said, if this always happens to you and it sounds like it does, you need to chill out with the texting because it sounds like you're talking them right out of liking you after the initial mutual attraction.
  13. I wouldn't - but if she felt a connection she'll be dang sure to come back when you are working and you can ask her out then.
  14. Probably not? Getting the cheek means you never contact her again, its what you do to see if she actually likes you or not. Make out sessions set up very good following dates and if you get the cheek, well, you don't spend anymore money dating her. win-win.
  15. No its not "childish". She cancelled on him last minute, she gets to make the next date and take on some responsibility. OP if she has been flaky in the past just stop contacting her all together, if she reaches out it'll be for a date and you can go from there which some space should spur to happen unless she's dating another guy.
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