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  1. That was a girl I met shortly after, not the same one
  2. Ouch, these are some pretty harsh comments - I didn't realize how selfish it sounded. Just to clarify, as said in my previous comment I have already decided to not get in contact with her in any way until she reaches out. Some background information in case anyone is interested, because I see some false assumptions being made here: We were together for about 2 years (not 2 months). I broke up with her because I was moving away and I had some daemons to battle on my own before I could truly give myself wholeheartedly. We've kept in touch occasionally every 6 months or so and our split u
  3. Thanks for the feedback and for the sanity check, that's why I'm here. It's a challenging time but I'll wait for her to reach out and if not I will have peace with that as well
  4. Thanks for the replies. Let me clear up that I do not condone cheating and I don't suggest or expect her to, plus she's not the type to. The only message I wanted to convey is that if she's not entirely happy and if her relationship would come to an end, that I would love to have another shot with her. But I guess there isn't an easy way to do that without coming between her and her partner. I'm sure the whole COVID situation has amplified my feelings for her, but ever since I got back into the country in December it has been playing with my thoughts so I would say it's just bad timing.
  5. Hi all, In short - I had a relationship with a girl that ended 2.5 years ago. We had a good thing going on, but I guess we weren't ready for a long term commitment (or at least I wasn't) and it wasn't the right time for us to be together due to different circumstances. I ended up breaking up with her which seemed like the right thing to do, but now 2+ years later I've been thinking about her non stop and missing her like crazy for the past 2 months. I think I'm in a better headspace now and I really wonder if we were just the right people who met at the wrong time. She has since found a
  6. So on Saturday she came over, we had another chat and she still seemed very confused about her feelings - it was clear that she still has a lot of feelings for me but she doesn't think it would work between us. I would have still given it a chance, but I was ok with her decision. She wanted to remain friends but I told her I'd prefer if we don't keep in contact if we can't be together. On Monday she started texting me that she misses me, I politely texted back saying thanks and wishing her well. She then continued texting me and saying that she thinks she might have made a really big mistak
  7. Thank you all for the comments, really appreciate it. Yesterday evening I decided to stop waiting for her and to make the decision for her to stop seeing each other. I wrote her a small note and put it in her mailbox together with some items of hers I still had. I also deleted her from social media because I don't want to be kept up to date about her life for now. The same night she sent me a message asking why I deleted her? and later on a semi passive-aggressive message saying that she was indeed upset on Saturday because she thought we had a good chat but then I ended up going to the
  8. Thanks for the feedback MissCanuck and SGH. You're probably right.
  9. Hi all, I have been together with this girl for a couple of months, not too long, but I feel very strongly for her and I always got the feeling that she feels the same for me. She has been telling me over and over how much into me she is and how I swept her off her feet. However, last week she got very distant and out of the blue broke up with me. Her reasoning was that she felt like my heart wasn't in it and our future plans were not aligned. She came over to explain a few days later, after I had brought flowers to her place, and I made it clear to her that I think she made a wrong decis
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