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  1. I'm not entirely sure where this whole moving home thing came from. Maybe I worded it wrong. I do not have the option of moving back home. My mom suggested that I move back to my hometown, not back to her home. My mom lives in a small house with her boyfriend and four dogs. My relationship with the boyfriend is toxic and there is absolutely no space for me there. I was trying to say I see no point in moving back to my home city. I will still have to find somewhere to live which is not any cheaper than where I am now. And I would have to get a new job. Taking a bus from my home city to m
  2. This is going to be a long one, I'm sorry but I have nowhere else to turn to. I'm 33, divorced, single for six years, no children, and an extremely small circle consisting of less than a handful of people. For most of these six years I've been okay being single, I get lonely occasionally but as of lately it's really been bothering me. I don't drink so going to a bar is not an option for me cuz I don't enjoy being around people who are drinking, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to go to to meet people. I can have conversations with people online, but when it comes down to mee
  3. I completely feel this. I'm currently in a similar situation and I've tried being upfront and honest that while I do like the person, I'm just not mentally in a good place and that I don't do well in relationships. I've already felt my mental health shift since speaking with them. For the last six years of being single I haven't had a care in the world for anyone else, didn't need to know what anyone's doing etc. Now I feel like I'm glued to my phone just waiting impatiently for this person to msg me back, I'm constantly fixated on them, interested to know what they're doing all the time
  4. Her not being able to leave or not having a place to go is just an excuse. She makes decent money, but she's a terrible money person. It's gone before it's even earned. I've offered to help with budgeting and she's for it but he wants no part of it and won't allow me access to their finances.
  5. She is the only one with an income. She works in health care, he is on disability. But he controls how much she can work because the more money she makes, the less money he gets on his check. She pays for mostly everything. I think he maybe pays for his insurance and cell phone but everything else is on her. Due to some scary health issues she hasn't been able to work in two weeks and doesn't look like she will be able to in at least a month, so she will temporarily have to collect sick benefits.
  6. Backstory: I was raised as an only child by a single mother. During my childhood she had many boyfriends, but none of the relationships ever lasted more than a year or two. I'm 32, and she has now been with the same "man" since I was 17. From day one I did not like this man, something deep within my soul told me he was no good. I wanted her to be happy because she certainly deserves to be, so I gave it a chance. But shortly after the relationship started my gut proved to be right. My mom and I are extremely close but her relationship with him is putting a huge strain on our relationship
  7. I genuinely thank you for your response and understanding. She is not on the spectrum but you are right about her not having any social skills. It isn't just with me though. When she was headed to meet the boyfriends parents for the first time and spend the night I told she she should bring something and she looked at me like I had two heads. I told her it is nice to bring something when you go to someone's house especially for a Thanksgiving meal. You don't just show up empty handed, you offer to bring something. Her response was " well he's not gonna bring anything to my dinner so w
  8. Hello people of the internet. I am in need of some guidance when it comes to navigating a healthy non-romantic relationship with my roommate. I'm sorry but this will be lengthy and all over the map so if you read all the way through, thank you. A little background: She is 26 and I am 32. We work at the same place of business, but most days while there we only see each other in passing and do not work directly with each other. How we came to live together: I was evicted in bad faith by a shady landlord, my previous roommate was moving in with their girlfriend, and this girl consistent
  9. I stopped taking rides from her grandmother for fear of safety and disgust of the state of the vehicle. The one thing I don't get is even though she lives with her grandmother, she still sees her mother and her father and her 7 siblings who are all different ages. How has not one single person said anything to her. From what I have seen, the father and mother don't have odors and neither do any of the siblings I've met. I know she has access to water at home, but even if she didn't surely she could go to her mom or her dad's place to shower.
  10. It honestly is that bad. I mentioned this over year ago to someone about the smell, thinking maybe it was me ( knowing it wasn't ) but asking to make sure. It has gotten so much worse since then. I think my manager is just a really nice person who doesn't want to offend her or have that awkward conversation, but times up it needs to happen.
  11. So in my store we have three managers. One is the store manager, then there's a manager who does basically the H.R stuff,and then there is a merch manager. The manager who does the HR stuff is not someone I trust. She has slipped up with information that shouldn't have been shared, been involved in petty arguments with staff, etc. But we do have a human resource phone number which is basically just like head office. So would I call that number, or go to the store manager?
  12. Hello, I'm looking for advice on how to address concerns with a woman who is not only my co-worker but my also my friend. When I say friend, I mean we text a lot, share funny memes with each other, she is pretty much the only person at work that I trust and confide in, and we have hung out multiple times outside of work. But it isn't the type of friendship where you tell your deepest secrets, borrow each other's things, etc. One of the concerns is that her body odor has rapidly gotten worse. I am not exaggerating when I say it is to a point where you don't even need to be anywhere near
  13. If someone could please guide me in the right direction to deal with stress, I would be greatly appreciative. I am more stressed about how I am feeling mentally and how I am reacting to the stress than I am about the actual situations causing me stress. I struggle with anxiety and depression and I can feel myself spiralling. I would like to say and think that I know everything will work out for the best and that everything will be okay and that I can handle it; but I am losing my mind. I'm losing sleep, I am drained, I am so consumed in what I have going on that I don't have the me
  14. I'm slowly realizing that if it was a priority for people or something they genuinely had an interest in doing, it would have happened. Nobody deserves to be left hanging. It obviously was not of any importance to this person. Definitely distance yourself.
  15. So sorry to hear about your son 💞 I will ask again about different meds. I am over the age of 25 so unfortunately I don't qualify to get em covered.
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