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  1. It would have to be a weekday I told her just let me know.
  2. She threw in some nice mini cookies as a added bonus.
  3. Oh I thanked her a few times I ended up texting her this morning before work and she told me she was making it now and gave me a heart emoji. I plan on asking her for dinner or drinks it’s just our schedules are so all over the place.
  4. We are coworkers she’s single at the moment and and same as me. I think at one point I think we were going to have lunch also with a friend but I have a feeling on that day it’s just going to be us.
  5. Where did I not show much interest? Today she made me coffee from home and she included some cookies with it, when I was done I asked her if she wanted the mug back she’s like yeah if you want me to keep making you coffee, I asked because I leave before her. I told her I would text her later she smiled at me and I rubbed her lower back. Now more about the coffee When she meant everything in the bag was mine I didn’t know she wanted me to take the whole thing lol she ended up walking half the area to find me to give the rest to me.
  6. I figure women don't really give out a phone number unless they really feel OK with that person, her touching and asking personal stuff is what is throwing me off plus a little bit of touching on the upper back and after she found out I went to her fav place to eat she gave me a surprised side hug.
  7. It started off asking me my age, personal stuff like where I lived before and how I like it here now and today what was my astrological sign.. Also before this she asked me if I was going to this food festival I told her maybe but I ended up going and showing her the pictures the next day. So now her thing is I should hang out and go out to eat with her and her friend (he's a male friend) I'm starting to wonder if he's just not going to show up that one day. since they meet every so often to hang out. Oh and she offered to make a bring coffee to me for work in the morning, She asked me to send her a picture to her that I took of a location which I did she ended up giving me her phone number the first time I did it I just sent the pictures and that was it.. about 3 weeks or so went by she did not text back until I ended up texting her back and so it's just been small talk nothing out of the normal.
  8. I agree ever since I found the track "Numb" I fell in love
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