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  1. I agree ever since I found the track "Numb" I fell in love
  2. I'm not going to sit here and go back and forth over this
  3. Uhmm excuse me but don't project something on me that I don't have.. remember you thought it was ok to keep breaking up and going back with me god knows how many times.. or date a few guys while I was left out of the loop.. or when things were going crazy you felt the need to always go shopping
  4. December 13th 2015... I wasn't interested in him he recently contacted me n I just gave him a chance n yes we went out to have fun but it was because you did all those things for me on my birthday and it'll only be fair I'll return the favor. Idc what u do in your personal life u can go out all u want have fun be alone that's not my business and the fact that I want to have your child doesn't mean I want to be with you and yes I mean that.
  5. I was going to stay out of this but your user name is coming up on google in all the sites I've posted at.. (you took my phone at night while I was sleep and was snooping) Mind you I still have your text from two years ago stating "Just because I want to have your baby does not mean I want to be with you" And when I brought that up about 2 months ago you tried to say that was in the past.. Not only that you said "I knew I should of not went with the ugly guy but I did it anyways.. Or how about last Saturday you were spamming my phone with text messages and because you knew I went to a wedding
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