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  1. Well, I'm glad I had a great birthday. Bf and some friends visited and my dad stayed the night at my sister's home, so no awkward tensions. I talked to my mother about revealing too much information about the happenings between her and dad. She agreed she would do her best to keep me out of their 'fight.' Unfortuantly it's not entirely avoidable, my friends are aware of the situation and one of them had a conversation with her about the OW. What I heard made my blood boil and also kinda fear what kind of woman my dad has let himself in with. This woman was/is a brawler and got into a lot of
  2. I agree with that. I do appreciate that my parents did give me a normal childhood. I just hope I can view back on these memories with the same happiness I once did. And yes, people change all the time, could go both ways. I know that I was a whole different person when I was 20 and when I was 15 etc. I worked a lot on the issues I had, like anxiety and fear of intimacy. I managed to overcome these problems, and I know that I can overcome this as well. I do reconsider the option to try some therapy again. Though I'm certain my parents could benefit from it as well. Oh, I'm not planning on mo
  3. Damn happpybear, you sure had it tough as well! I'm sorry for what you've been through! Though your situation does kinda scare me too. Although I could slap my dad silly, I fear that we will become estranged as well and the thought of not seeing him for weeks or months scares me a lot. I love both my parents equally, but as a kid I was more of a daddy's girl than a mommy's girl. I always thought we were more similiair character wise. Though thanks to this situation I realise I'm more like my mum, with bits of my dad's personality in it. My dad has changed beyond recognition and my grief fee
  4. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I realise my parents are making big mistakes. I know way too much about the situation, therefore I am slowly starting to pick sides. And thanks for the concern, but I wouldn't worry too much Ms Darcy. Even though I live at home, I take care of a lot of things myself. I'm not a big spender and I watch over my own finances. Animation is my second study, I graduated from Applied Psychology. But I always wanted to work in Animation, unfortuantly it took some time for me to get into this school, since you have to pass the test before you can become a stu
  5. Wow. I did not expect so many replies so quickly! Thanks everyone for your advice and opinions. Sorry if I don't/didn't reply to all. Some info about me: I indeed still live at home. I'm in my Master year of college (I study animation and I have a job in the weekends.) But I can't afford my own place just yet. My boyfriend and I are planning on living together as soon as I graduate. The annoying thing with getting a job in animation is that I'm not sure where I will end up. So we are waiting, until I know where I'm going to work after college, so that we won't end up wasting money on a hou
  6. To be honest, I got out of therapy last year. For very different reasons. After a very tough year at college, I suffered from depression. Luckily I got out of it, I was very happy with my life, but part of me ofcourse worries for a relapse. Yes, my parents have been dumping their problems on me a for a little bit, unfortuantly. They realise they should not be doing that, but they can't seem to help themselves. Probably has to do with the fact that I'm an adult now and not a kid. My mother fell into my arms hysterically, crying her eyes out a few times and even my dad one day just started
  7. A month ago my father (57 years) admitted to my mom (58 years) he had a year and a half affair with a woman he met during a business trip. They are now in the middle of a divorce, because he wants to move in with the b*tch. My parents have been married for 34 years and have known eachother for 42 years. I’m in my mid-twenties and I had a wonderful (atleast that’s what I always considered) childhood. Both my parents were always there for me and they helped me where ever they could. I always thought of my father as a great and wise man. He made me laugh, cheered me up when I was sad and alway
  8. I need to write this off of me. I really need to rave and rant now. I apologize for the upcoming rude language! I'm not a person that can easily hate someone. But you managed to do the impossible. I hate you and the situation you put me in. Flaunting around with your new girlfriend at school, not giving a single **** about how devastating it is for me. It's like you're stabbing me in the back on a daily basis. You are not the person I fell in love with and the way you act in public places with your GF makes me feel disgusted. I never thought you were only looking for an easily impresse
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