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  1. Let's not blow things out of proportion here. Yes, I can find someone else who drinks less but he's gonna have other issues that I make threats about. I'm not gonna dump someone soon as I get annoyed, I may as well be single forever then. We are similar in the grand scheme of things and he has what I'm looking for and he doesn't have my deal breakers. Trust me, I have a long list of boxes a guy needs to tick, but getting drunk reasonably, occasionally is not on it. I realised it's unrealistic anyway to expect anyone to never get drunk for me. I also never really had an issue till yester
  2. I'd adjust myself for him too if that makes him happy and doesnt do harm for myself, isnt it called 'compromising"? I'm sure no two people are the same and likes everything about each other. So we adjust/even change for each other because we care.
  3. Yes but he doesnt drink as much when I'm around. When he's with the boys he'd enjoy bit more alcohol. Apparently he drank more in his bachelor days (every weekend) and already cut it down after he met me. :/
  4. well I was hoping if I have a serious talk about it he will consider stop getting drunk..or at least gets drunk less often..I feel he should do it for me if he really cares about me.
  5. So he's not gonna stop being drunk for me? Im not asking him to quit alcohol but just to not get drunk. He's not gonna do that for me? And it's unreasonable for me to ask for that?
  6. My bf drinks to his friends once every few weeks and gets little drunk, and once every few months and gets big drunk. I on the other hand do not drink at all and I get super annoyed when he’s drunk because he can’t make conversations, hes too tired to do anything with me, he can’t sleep and keeps tossing so I can’t sleep either. Sometimes Im so tired after a sleepless night but the next day need to pull myself together and work. On the other hand, to be fair to him he is responsible enough that he won’t let himself go into black out or to cause any trouble, he always makes sure he knows wh
  7. Dad said he will pay. But I learnt now that I am capable myself I shouldnt need those help, right?
  8. Fair enough. I didnt think I have to actually fall first before asking him to pull. Maybe you are right that I'm subconsciously seeking a "parenting“ style of love without even realizing it. My parents do treat me very well, they always make sure I dont fall lol.. Well like I said I paid him rent, well in advance too. So now I will just focus on finding a tenant as quick as possible.
  9. Im not really making any profit after paying all my HOA costs, rental income tax and my share of the rent. I dont know why you ask that. Why is that relevant?
  10. Huh? Covering what expense ? I’m not quite following...I don’t ask him to pay any costs associated with my apartment
  11. wow..your GF is very lucky hehe. Just out of curiosity, if roles reversed between you and her, if she had 3 rental units frozen and all, would you expect her to explore all the other options she could possibly find on her own, before turning to you?
  12. No, because I'd do it for him. Like I said, I wouldnt charge him rent if he moved in with me. Also I dont see it as me mooching off him to profit myself. I see it as him helping me reduce my cost while not increase his cost. Because if I moved back he'd have to pay a lot more.
  13. I dont think I want to mix our finance together until we are married. It's..sensible, like you said. He doesnt have "less" than me..he makes a lot more than me and has lot more cash than me. He doesnt own a place but he can buy one if he wants. Well, if you add in my asset value,I suppose we are pretty equal financially.
  14. yeah I just thought handling it together means him helping me reducing my costs when it doesnt at all increase his costs, since his rent didnt increase because of me. Maybe I'm wrong.
  15. Didnt think it was important but now it seems some of you are about to think Im a people user: I did pay him rent. One month lump sum, in advance. So I aint moving anywhere for a while lol I just dont know how to feel about it so I started this question, cuz I wouldnt charge him any rent if he moved in with me. I understand he wants me to pay half rent though, he's renting after all. I'm totally fine to pay, but I just thought he could also wait a bit, wait till I find a tenant. I honestly thought everyone would do that so was a bit surprised when I learnt he didnt see it that way. But
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