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  1. Update: I’ve been feeling okay lately. But seeing her pack is a reminder that the end is near and it’s hard not to slip back into fear and I’m feeling sad again today. Back on the pity pot. Things I’m trying to focus on: I had a great phone interview on Tuesday and have a second interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed that goes well. I have an in person interview on Thursday for a furniture store. I’m not thrilled about going back to that kind of retail business but it’s a job and I need to show income to rent. My inheritance might be here in December or January. I wish I knew the
  2. Oh I forgot to say she came back downstairs after our talk and talked to me about things I could do and offering suggestions. She seemed a bit more compassionate and maybe heard how hard this is for me. But of course the suggestions were all things I’ve considered and thought through. But since then she has been nicer.
  3. Update. I woke up on Saturday and noticed she was starting to pack. I finally just asked her what’s going on I said I have no idea when your moving. The discussion got a little heated. She told me that I’m acting terrible to her and being disrespectful to her! Because I say this is a bad time for me and how I’m screwed. I said yes that’s all true. I told her I’m scared and have no job etc. she’s said I was willing to help you but not how you’ve been acting. I don’t even want to be around you. I told her she is a bad communicator because I had no idea when she was moving and had no details.
  4. I see. Lol. I forgot I posted that. Made me realize how I’m still not happy. It’s been a tough few years.
  5. Wiseman. How do you know about my home and kids? Do I know you? Lol
  6. I cannot afford the rent here on my own. And if I do stay my inheritance wouldn't last long if I had to pay for a year here. No, I have not attempted temp agencies yet. That is on my todo list.
  7. I got a email that told me I did not get the job. Uggh. I sent out a bunch of applications today. Somethings got to give!
  8. I enjoyed the interview. He said he liked me but had 2 more people to meet. He said someone would reach out this week but nothing yet. Of course I’d take it if it’s offered to me..
  9. Just popping in to say I’m in and out of panic mode.She hasn’t told me what’s happening yet but I heard her talking about the appraisal and loan docs needed. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster. Some days I feel like it will all be okay and others like today feel like I’m doomed. I’ve thought about roommates and that is still not my ideal as I’m such a introvert. But it may be the only solution until I get my inheritance. I’m looking at apts and of course they want income. But if I can pay 6 -12 months in advance they might allow me to move in. I’ve been applying to jobs. I had a interview
  10. Sounds like an ideal situatiob DancingFool and that would work for me.
  11. Actually by the time escrow goes through I may have my inheritance. My mom passed away last year so this is from her estate. Without a job I could take some of that money and pay a full 6 months to a year of rent if that makes me qualify.
  12. She started dating someone a year ago, but he lives with his parents as well LOL He is a nice guy and is not moving with her, She is not ready for that and I know because she has told me time and time again. She likes her space. They have no place to be alone and I think that is bothering her. I told her that I would love it if she waited until after the new year, but she has her mind set. I'm actually happy for her that she can actually buy a home on her own. Its a great stepping stone for someone her age.
  13. My friend has a nice apartment at a great rate in a high end location. She does not want to move and I dont blame her. I will get my name on that list - your right about that! I don't belong to a church right now, so thats not a option. There are places to post room rentals, so I will explore that after I have a move out date from her
  14. To answer your questions: She is looking in the same town. She put a offer in for a home and I haven't heard if it was accepted. Normally its a 30 day escrow to close then she can move. She is purchasing by herself, no other person is involved Yes, a stranger is a stranger until you get to know them. I worry because Ive had bad room mates and I don't want to be in a place like that again and have to kick them out. But I can ask for what I want. Older, quiet, no drugs, parties, etc. I am actually thinking that option through. The landlord would have to approve them as well.
  15. My grandson is her son so he lives with her full time. She has had guys spend the night here as well when her son is at his dads. But I can see how that might feel awkward.
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