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  1. That is true, if she doesn't feel the same way she's not right for me. I guess its just im sure we have something more than friends but its probably just not enough. I think the first time around when she asked me out she was in a bit of a weird place mentally. According to her she had not gone out with me when we first met because she was planning her year in Australia, then she decided not to do it, asked me out but I think she realised she'd regret not going so that might be part of the reason she changed her mind. Could be an excuse though. About not meeting other women, well I've kno
  2. I'm unsure, some of the things she says and the amount of time she spends talking to me, the amount she messages me does make me wonder if she likes me as more than a friend As I've said she can't meet anyone outside her household with the current restrictions but as she lives on her own she can move house and for a new household and as she no longer has family where she is she's decided to move where she can work in London. Even then she keeps talking about how we can meet up more often (I'm in London) but maybe its purely to spend time with this guy she knows I think if I tell he
  3. I can't even imagine finding 10 people I'd want to go on a date with, nevermind 30 lol. I've tried dating sites too and thats been a total failure. I found if there's one thing to completely wreck my self esteem its dating sites. Putting work into hundreds of messages over time without one response is pretty demoralising I did actually go on a date last year but there was nothing there at all, also was talking to another girl who was really into me and then lost interest but if I'm honest i was only interested in her in a casual way anyway. Thing is now I don't really care. Being with s
  4. I just don't meet girls I'm compatible with, I never have. I've met 3 in my entire life that there was any spark with and this has been the closest to being right lol. Also one of the other 2 girls I had a spark with I met about 5 months before this current girl and I was still heartbroken over that girl going off with another guy, but I forgot about that when I met tbis one. So if I did meet someone right then I would go for them, but there is no one. To be honest I don't really want to try anymore but thought it might be worth a roll of the dice with this one. Also to be fair to he
  5. So to make tbings a bit clearer, she spent a year in Australia and she's back in the UK now and has a job but she's moving cities within the UK 10 hours is a lot I'd say yeah, but i've known her for over 4 years so we have already gotten to know eachother. We've been involved before, when we first met we had a casual relationship, went on dates, slept together, had a touch of romance etc. Went back to being friends and then she asked me to be her boyfriend but it went wrong quite quick although at the time I tbink she was definitely struggling with other things in her life. She'd also sai
  6. Thats the thing though, I never meet anyone im compatible with. When I have a situation like this when I meet someone who ticks every box, has loads in common with me, loves spending time with me (we don't even live close but easily have spent the most time together over the last few years) at least at some point was physically attracted to me, even asked me to be her boyfriend ... and it still doesn't work out, that should tell you that I'm not really suited to many people. I've given up on finding anyone, I just really love her. And yeah I know there's 99% chance its futile but i'll nev
  7. Maybe i should just ask her, i just feel that comes across as a bit nosey. She did also say before when she's had a boyfriend her male friends have stopped talking to her so maybe thats a reason she wouldn't say I dont think me telling her would stop her moving in to be honest. I wanted to tell her before I found that out and now it's created a problem I just feel like there's possible hints she does have some feelings for me but won't go there because she doesn't want to lose me as a friend and she knows last time she asked me out she ended up getting cold feet, but circumstances
  8. Thanks, I do agree with a lot of your points. I guess the thing is i'm not sure if she's with the other guy or if she's hinting about me with all the time she sounds talking to me and calling me perfect etc. If I knew she was with tbis guy for sure then I could just process it. Its the not knowing that's making it worse I'd prepared on something like tbis happening but whats thrown me for a loop is the fact she seems to have gotten closer to me (she also told me some very personal things about her life) Anyway thanks for the help you're right, there's probably no sig
  9. I worry about that which is why I am tempted to take the risk and tell her how I feel. There is a chance she won't ditch me ybough, or her relationship wont last but I don't want to be fall back guy. Really though, I don't even know for sure she is seeing anyone, I just know she's moving in with a guy but we had talked about sharing a flat loads of times
  10. I dont tbink if we broke up we'd stop being friends. She was friends with her ex for a long time until he used up several chances, I was friends with my ex til I realised she would be better off moving on, but we both have that capacity to put aside things. Plus we did briefly go out before and broke up and if anything became better friends afterwards I'm not actually sure if she is seeing tbis other guy or not, I know she must be talking to him but its a bit weird if she has a bf but has to tell him tjat on Saturdays she's going be talking to her friend all night on video chat an
  11. At this time she can't spend time with anyone because of covid restrictions. I guess if she is seeing this other guy then moving in with him solves that problem but in the mean time I'm not sure why she is giving me her weekends on video call and not him..thats weird right? I just keep wondering whether considering everything thats happened with us she does have some sort of feelings but too scared to get involved in case we break up and are not friends any more but I don't think that would happen
  12. I dont think she'd drop me but might make things awkward for a while
  13. Yeah I get what you mean, I'm not sure about the stepping stone tbing tbough because if she now does have a bf why is she still spending so much time talking to me? Its like she's getting 2 things from 2 different people but I was honestly expecting her to drop contact drastically, not increase it. I dont really see it as wasted time because she's been the best thing in my life, its just a bitter pill that I want more and I really thought I had got over her and was fine with friends. I've talked to other girls but they were nothing special and I realised I'd rather be single and ha
  14. I'm not sure how much she's led me on and how much it's down to me. I just don't get why she's telling me I'm perfect and she's lucky to hang out with me and why she's spending so much time talking to me if she's got a boyfriend. It just seems on one had she does treat me as more than just a friend Of course if she has a boyfriend I don't want to tread on any toes but im not 100% sure yet and I'm not sure if I should ask her because really its not my business. At the same time she talked about how other male friends have stopped talking to her whenever she's got a boyf
  15. I've got a dilemma with my best friend (a girl, and I am a guy she is 31 and I'm 37) we've had a bit of an off off thing so to recap as quick as I can Met her almost 5 years ago at a gig, she only talked to me because she thought I was hot. We got on really well and quickly started doing overnight trips. I asked her out on a date and she said yes though she didn't want to rush into a relationship. We ended up sleeping together a couple of times but afterwards I didnt see her for a few months (we live in different cities) so we decided to be just friends and all was great but one night wh
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