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  1. Oh of course, I'm fully aware he didnt deserve to be used. Unfortuantly he also didnt really listen when I asked if we could just casually date first because I had just gotten out of my previous relationship and didnt want to rebound with him, but he pushed and I caved not knowing how to pump the brakes in a nice way. Its a mistake I wont make again. Thats for sure.
  2. My boyfriend and I of 3 years broke up about 5 weeks ago. Shortly after that(about a week) a close male friend confessed he's had a major crush on me ever since the summer. I thought I really liked him too so we started seeing each other. Three weeks in I start to lose the feelings I had for him and have been mildly missing my ex(like I expected I would). I assume this was a rebound? Im feeling trapped in this relationship with this guy as Ive been wanting to just do my own thing and not have to answer or spend time with anyone if I dont want to. Like I feel like I just want to be single
  3. He has yet to make that move in particular but we've only had one chance to play since I made him aware. The shifts we work can be kinda opposite sometimes.
  4. Haha! Right?! lifes so much better when everyone can communicate! Yes I really do find it reallt hard to talk about this kind of stuff with him. It makes me sooo awkward. Lol Exactly! He's definitly never been the romancy(lmao here I go making up words) type. Only has gotten flowers for me three times in the 3 years we've been together. Plus not expressing his feelings in words much etc. He's a sensitive kind soul, my horse loves him(who's a picky animal when it comes to the humans he likes) all animals seem gravitate to him, including women lmao
  5. What kind of research do you mean? Just different ideas on how to turn on the romance etc? Oh yes, I have lots of ideas to offer up to him. He definitly does know a lot of my preferences luckily. He just seems like he's been complacent about it all. I'm so glad I asked for advice here as I was not even fully sure of what I was trying to tell him I needed lol you guys nailed it on the head and then I was able to explain it to him better! Woo!
  6. I got through to him! I told him I'm not just jumping on him because I don't feel like it. I told him that if he wants it to be more exciting etc he needs to help get me in the mood first. Then he was like "ohhh okay" "I can work on that for sure". Finally he understands that if I'm not in the mood I'm not going to be feeling like being spontaneous.
  7. He really doesn't seem to think he needs to do anything differently. He said he thinks he's tried everything. He never verbalises how he feels about me(now to be fair nor do I, but I'm just not sure how to cause he's never expressed anything). The whole forplay starting with words and earlier in the day is exactly what I've been dying to have. I had a bf before him for about 6 months(he turned out to be controlling so I ditched him) who was extremely verbal so lots of flirting etc. He was able to turn me on so fast. It was so much fun. And when he was like that towards me it brought out
  8. Ya I'm not sure, I think he may need to hear this from a professional. I'm more than willing to make changes, and I have shown that. I refused to give blow jobs a long time ago because it scared the crap out of me. But I did it and now I am over it. He knows that was a huge deal as I have slightly germaphobic tendencys lol
  9. Your comment is exactly what I've been thinking. There is not much romance at all. He's never really been very romantic lol. "He needs to learn how to make love and stop just having sex" is so on point! I just don't know how to explain it to him because he thinks I need to do things different.
  10. I love your response! This is so true. Forplay with him just using his hands used to be enough to get me ready(and it still is sometimes) and he never neglects that. But that's literally all he does. No kissing no nothing else. All he does is use his hands as foreplay. He's been soooo much better at foreplay in the past when I can really tell he wants me.
  11. Hey guys! Questions about male sex drive. My boyfriend is late 20s and I'm mid 20s. We've been together 3 years, lived together for 2 of those. He says I'm not adventurous enough and that's why he doesn't seem passionate in bed. We haven't had any makout sessions in months. I really miss it. I'm pretty inexperienced and was quite inncocent when I met him. He's the first guy I ever slept with or did anything other than kiss. I've struggled with initiating but I've gotten better at it. He says he wants to have sex in other places but the bedroom. We tried that a few times but I
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