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  1. Hi, While reading your post I found a lot of similarities with my own current situation. In my case I know that my boyfriend and I are not compatible in the long term, but I am also scared of breaking up because I will be entirely alone and miss the emotional support. Yet I know that in the next weeks or months we will inevitably break up because that's best for me. If you want to talk for mutual support feel free to message me (assuming this website allows private messaging?)
  2. Hi not sure exactly what you mean, but I don't think I am currently wasting my time
  3. Hi thanks for your message I want to clarify that I do not pay any of his bills. Right now he is making some money as a delivery guy so he pays his own things. I am planning going abroad for a working holiday visa in one year after having saved up, and he will not be able to follow me. Financially or legally he will not have the capacity to go abroad. I will still enjoy the opportunities that I have while I can so we are incompatible in the long term
  4. Hello everyone, here is a little update from me First of all thanks to everyone for posting and opening my eyes I know I don't want to spend my life with this guy. Currently we are still together but I am starting to make future plans like moving abroad in a year, or moving into my own place, and he will not have the capacity to come with me. So yeah sooner or later it will break.
  5. Sorry, I was feeling kind of frustrated. One of the reasons that makes it difficult for me to decide is that if we break up he will have to leave the country, probably ask his family for help with the plane ticket because we are very far from his home country. This is also a factor that made me more tolerant, him being so far away for the first time and needing time to adjust, but I think I'm just making him excuses now. I'm unhappy more and more frequently but a lot of times he also makes me happy. Due to moving countries all the time when I was a child and a teen, and having an emotionally
  6. Hm I think I was capable of asking myself these questions on my own. The point of this thread is to give details on my situation, the pros and cons, because obviously if there were only cons I would have left already. So the question is how can I make the decision. If your answer is going to be some insensitive "if you want to leave, leave; if you want to stay, stay" you can just leave the thread because its clearly not constructive nor helpful. I obviously have some issues in assessing my relationship and that's why I'm here.
  7. Harsh tone but ok. Well I am not paying anything for him, we pay everything 50/50. But yeah I feel like I am mommying him and pushing him to act like an adult but it doesn't really work. In the country where he is from, a lot of men are like that, and sometimes worse. His family are proud of him and idolise him because he is charismatic and funny. They don't think he is in an anormal situation for his age (no career, no savings, etc.) I am putting up with this because he has been of emotional support for me on a regular basis, because I've had a very lonely life and no one to trust. Also I h
  8. I want to add that I don't have any problems with the fact that he has no degree, everyone is free to choose to go to college or not, but in his case he actually went to college, spend all his time partying and doing drugs, and then dropped out after like 4 years? And he didn't try to learn a manual job and get good at it, he just went to work in his father's company and had very very little pressure.
  9. Hello, This is my situation and I'm not sure what to do: I'm a 23 year old woman and I met my 29 year old boyfriend abroad in his country while I was travelling. We were long distance for a while and then I lived there with him for about 6 months. After that I had to go back to my home country and he came with me with the plan of staying and living in my country. However I have a masters degree and will start a well paying job soon, and he has no degrees, no real job experience (just small jobs here and there, and he also worked with family members). He is quite lazy, he hasn't even started
  10. just realized there was a typo in the title, but in my message i write 1m65 which is 5'4. thats a 21.8 bmi so i dont think its lower half but thanks for the answer
  11. Hello, Im a 20 year old girl with many insecurities, including the fact that i look about 15. My body is really skinny, well especially my upper body. My legs look good i guess, but my arms are really small and i have no boobs. I'm 1m65 (5 foot 4) and 58 kg (127 pounds), which seems to be a normal weight, so i'm really confused and annoyed by my weird body. when i try to wear feminine clothes to look my age, it just looks really weird in my opinion. i dont know what the problem is, why my upper body does not "grow" and still looks pubescent. my mother has(had) anorexia so maybe it has s
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