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  1. I know I’m an idiot for wasting my time on this.
  2. So I was going through some of the things in my kitchen and I stumbled on a card she got me when we got back together. She got me dog tags for my dogs and inside the envelope was a hand drawn card by her. A week later I was blocked. Why put all that effort in to something if it’s not important to you? Another thing that came in to my mind today. One of my best friends is a girl who is very ill she has bouchette disease and is a cancer survivor. The night before she flips the script the first official time, her and I went over my friends house. This friend was there. We all seemingly had a gre
  3. The more I think about it, the more this seems like a train wreck and I start to think about it less frequently, if that makes sense. I’m still keeping myself occupied. I’ve seen a therapist after a break up. All it was was me talking about it and coming to the realization myself. I think I’m mentally competent enough to know right from wrong and phase out of this without spending hundreds of dollars.
  4. No one is going to her house. Jeez. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. Those are her assumptions. I think you took that out of context.
  5. Interesting article. I can’t wrap my head around doing that to someone consciously. It seems like such a waste of time. I guess that kind of goes back to how she treats people like her parents even. Towards the second end she called me to vent about her mother and how she was acting like a jerk. She said she was going to ghost her for a week and get back in touch when she needed money for rent. This is the same woman that told me she could pay off a house in two years. It’s crazy. I wonder if she realizes how she’s acting or doesn’t. I don’t know which one is worse!
  6. I say that to say I agree. She manipulated me and when I got too close and saw it, she darted.
  7. I think the only reason she ever called me back was for the sex. Thing is, I tested her and asked if she wants to keep it casual. She insisted she’s not “that type” and it made me, again, feel like there’s something really there. Last time we slept together, she stopped it twice until the third time when I stopped caring and it was amazing.
  8. You have responded to my previous heartbreaks before. I listened and to be honest, I’ve played a much bigger part in the cause of those, than I have this one. I think the problem with me here is that I went all out. I pulled all the stops. I dove in without reading the warning signs and the only thing I saw was that the water is comfortable. She’s hot, she said the right things, and when she stopped she came back and retracted. She manipulated me. It is my ego. It’s a little bit of the sex too because it was that great. I was on the edge if you flip back 20 pages. When she came back I was ev
  9. That’s an interesting way to look at it boltrun. There was a voicemail she left me on Tuesday and I swear if someone heard it it wouldn’t make sense. In one sentence she said I’d be blocked from 9pm to 3pm, then if I show up at her house she’d call the police, that maybe she wasn’t healthy for me, followed up with I hope to hear from you before 9. Then she called me again and began the insulting me. Then the next morning the nice “goodbye if you get bored let’s do photo shoot” text and then nothing. I did not blow her phone up or question her actions, besides this one time (calmly), through ou
  10. I hear you. She has a lot going for her. She’s very organized and eats healthy. Works out, the whole 9. But I do feel like she’ll have a hard time finding quality men. She told me she left all her friends because they were fake but now is trying to get reacquainted with that lifestyle. That was her excuse for starting to talk to that guy again.
  11. Thanks blue castle, and everyone. The last time I saw her I brought her a huge box of supplies. My state was going to get shut down at midnight and I wanted her to have the essentials so she could save a trip to the store in case this whole thing keeps getting worse. I went all out. Anything from laundry detergent to bubble bath soap to chocolates. It weighed so much I could barely carry it in. When I dropped it off that day we had dinner and just snuggled in bed. I didn’t even think about sex or staying. In fact I was ready to just drive down and leave. I didn’t want anything in return. S
  12. Thank you. This might sound strange but I always enjoy your input. I’m not ready. I know this because I still have her on my mind. The back and forth and the uncertainty. “I want real” to “I want to go to operas and fundraisers.” I like those things too. Definitely the ballet over an opera but either way I want something real. She told me she wants to be with me “because being fake is tiring.” I’m chatting with someone and it’s nice. I see a little bit of my wit coming out but it’s not the same.
  13. I won’t. I’m a mess too. That was stalkerish behavior on my part.
  14. Well there’s that too. The core though was that I snooped. Or you could say that the core was that I took her back. But it doesn’t excuse me loosing my cool and acting on impulse. I have done that, like I said when I was in my late teens and never after. It’s embarrassing. I honestly just wanted to talk and we did. No arguing or yelling, she explained and I understood. I should have just broken up with her but something was telling me that there is an explanation I can’t think of. It was either that or bottle it up inside, neither of which would be healthy. It wasn’t until the next day , she
  15. I get it. I was skeptical and rightfully so. I’m just pissed at myself for stooping down to a level of spying on her social media. I did that when I was very young but I never even thought about it the first time, let alone for years.
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