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  1. A friend of mine is recently in a new relationship and have already said they love each other. They were talking for about a month and met up and after basically seeing each other every day for a week and made it official. They both acknowledge how crazy its going and how fast and are both a bit scared but they seem to be on the same wave length. They have lots in common and even when I met her I felt like they were like the same people. Same humor, same interest, etc. My friend is asking me if I think things are going to quickly and I don't know how to answer him. Just curious to
  2. Yea I guess, I'm just gonna try to distance myself and see what happens. She's made it clear that she isn't ready to jump into anything but also that she isn't closed off to it. I think maybe not texting every day will be a good, maybe ill just msg if after a while to catch up
  3. What's the best way to move on from a crush? Still friends with this person but I feel like I just need to move off this crush. Yes I like this girl, and there are hints that she likes me. But with Covid and just the impossible situation to date with our restrictions, dating right now just isn't quite in the cards. We've been talking for about 3 months now and just becoming good friends but we have not met, with restrictions loosening up here we have talked about grabbing coffee or something but the city still wont get there until the 8th. We talked about past relationships and she's giv
  4. I enjoy investing, crypto, i love my work, I love riding my motorcycle though I can't since it is winter right now here. I play Warzone with my coworkers and friends and I try to do home exercises, covid has seemly really restricted alot of these espeically my social interactions with friends too. interesting way of putting it but I get it I never thought of that, be a better friend to yourself. Therapy may still be on the table but that is a very interesting way to look at it.
  5. Days ago I admitted I still love my ex? Not sure where you got that. I love her as a person and want the best for her. My last post regarding anything to do with my ex was near christmas, it was def because it was tough during Christmas being completely alone as I was unable to see friends or family due to covid. I am asking exactly that, how do I stop myself from having this fear. I already posted that I have a fear of abandonment. I've accepted that my last relationship ended and it was a very mature end as we both walked away know that it wasn't working. Aside from the bouts of depres
  6. Hello, wondering about some general dating advice I seem to have a hard time not getting attached to someone. And I feel like I am always in my own way. I know people say never to put it all in one basket and I try not to. But when I start talking to someone and I realize that we click, I start to get narrowminded. Like in no way am I and this girl dating, just talking as friends, but I start to get into a rollercoaster of emotions. I often will be anxious to see when she texts me or if she texts me at all. I hang on to every word she says like it means something. Like when she says I am
  7. to be fair I suggested the the weekend because I am usually working and busy with other things. it's kinda like a date in my head. Plus the day I asked her she had said she was having a rough day as she had a headache so I didn't want to make her think I wanted to talk on the phone right away. We haven't met in person so planning it out is normal to me. She just meant she is shy and a bit awkward. She said she likes to respond with thought so she's just embarrassed that she might seem not as quick on her feet in a conversation. vs when we text and leave voice notes there is not awkwar
  8. So I actually asked her if she would down to do a phone call and she said yes. She just thinks that she is awkward and hopes I don't think she is slow or something if it takes her a while to respond or that she doesn't end up talking as much and just listens. that's a somewhat of a positive sign? We are planning to do it this weekend.
  9. That is a good question. I don't know why and until you pointed it out it does seem like I am attracted to her brokeness? Sorry it is so tough to portray the conversation we had onto a single post. I feel like maybe I have scaled the situation a bit She seems very shy and selective as a person. It def feels like she was hurt in the past which she went into some details about but told me she would really like to talk more bout it in person. According to her she only has 2 best friends, and her IG itself has 5 followers, including me now. Not going to lie or wanting to sound like a pysch
  10. Dating during the pandemic is ***. I guess because it wasn't a dating app that we met on.. there is no expectations of dating being on or off the table As mentioned before she pulled away when she thought I was a player but apologized after. It's not to say our conversation have died. I just noticed it's not as engaging or long. Could be that the texting is just dried up or I'm just bad at trying to think of more conversation topics.... I unno I'm so confused
  11. Lol you realize that people can have kids at an older age right? She's 28. Not that this detail was necessary but her dad isn't in good health as she says so she is very careful with the risk. Going only to groceries stores. No I've asked her to do a phone call and she just brushes it off and says things like "I don't know what we'd talk about I'm so boring" yet we talk for literally hours on voice notes back an forth. The way she phrased bout being friends and what not and having the whole instagram thing happen where she backed off I guess has me being extremely cautious with her.
  12. No I haven't really asked either. I like face to face
  13. I should rephrase maybe. I think what I mean by friends is just getting to know someone on a more personal level before dating, she mentioned she has had a very limited dating history, 2 at the age of 28. and recently I found out the longer one she was cheated on so makes sense why she is very defensive. from our discussion it felt more like she just wanted to make sure that she clicks with someone and the romance and intimacy's will come after was what she told me. And she mentioned that to me about me as well. Right. I understand. Unfortunately there wasn
  14. right now my area's rules are, if you caught with someone that does not live with you as in you do not have same address they can fine you. most parks and outdoor places are closed. and also inviting a girl that has never met me to a park alone seems creepy as hell. So I would understand her not feeling comfortable as I don't feel comfortable to ask. For now the restrictions are pretty serious. With the exception of her coming to visit me at work or something... which I would find weird
  15. We only did Voice notes. So it was kinda like a phone call? She even told her dad about me and he said hello (he speaks a foreign language which I speak) I feel awkward asking her to talk on the phone. but maybe that is what I will do soon. I should rephrase maybe. I think what I mean by friends is just getting to know someone on a more personal level before dating, she mentioned she has had a very limited dating history, 2 at the age of 28. and recently I found out the longer one she was cheated on so makes sense why she is very defensive. from our discussion it felt more like she ju
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