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  1. Noted but I can’t go back in time unfortunately; i was cheated on in the past from someone else- now i ended up doing the same to someome that had no fault in it
  2. I doubt a family with the lover will work.. she’s far away in her home country now and probably wont come back Also i will have to do a dna test... although i believe 99% is my child Yes i can afford to support a child luckily.. and this was big lesson for me; i have no excuses - I’ve been infatuated with the lover for too long and i was even thinking i love 2 women Its few months to go now.. and i dont know how to tell her and I’m also scared of her reaction
  3. Hi I’ve been with GF A for about 4 years. At the same time, i had a lover for 2 years. The lover knew about gf but gf didnt know about lover. Lover got pregnant.. Considering i want to recognize and support the baby; so gf you will come to know eventually... how do I tell her? Should i leave her before she discovers it to give her less pain... or take my chances to be with her; trying to save the relationship and confess hoping to be forgiven
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