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  1. Hello Rose Mosse. I would never ask her to give her dog up. I would never give my dog up. But things will change when the baby comes along. We argue about this quite a bit. I wont let a couple of dogs determine dictate to me how I live my life in my own house. I dont see them contributing at all financially If I had to pack up and leave, she would be in a bit of a predicament financially, and all because of her stubbornness. When I bring my dog around for a weekend (Jack Russel) we go for walks. But her dogs walk for about 5 min and they stop. Cant breath and then they spend the next
  2. True... But dogs dont live as long as humans do. And these guys are already 10 years old.
  3. Hello Lostandhurt. Thank you for you reply. No this isnt my friends wife. I have come a long way over the last few years. Lots of therapy sessions which has helped me quite a bit. I had a long discussion with my girlfriend last night regarding this situation. It always gets a bit heated from her side because I lay out facts which she doesn't like and the truth hurts. No closer to resolving this problem I am having. To answer your question, when it comes to her 2 dogs, my feelings come last. Didnt bother her I was drugging myself each night just to make it through to the morning. Thes
  4. Hello. I've been in a relationship for just over 2 years now with my girlfriend and I'm about to walk out the door and leave because of her dogs. I am a dog lover and I know the bond between a person and their animals. I also have a Jack Russel who means the world to me. My girlfriend has 2 Pekingese dogs. The most irritating dogs in the word because they only breath through their nose and they think they are the king of the Castle. We moved into a new home together to take our relationship to the next level. For the past 9 months I have been sleeping in a different room because the do
  5. Let me find out that you are trying to generate a relationship at you new job. Not even willing to give me a chance to mend your heart and build our marriage on a stronger foundation. We have 2 kids. I didn't marry you and have kids to get divorced 4 years later. Grow up. You need time to think while you are staying with mommy and daddy.Some big career girl you are turning out to be. Take responsibility. I never cheated on you, we just had a few arguments. Thank you very much Jacqui.
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