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  1. ^^ That is quite harsh. I know several people that have made long distance relationships work through college/university and through work. Like couples in the armed forces it's part of the territory.


    It's not the long distance it's the fact he is a cheater. I'm sure he'd have done the same if they were seeing eachother regularly.


    You do deserve better OP.


    A year though? Long distance only works if they are seeing each other regularly and they have a date set for one to move nearer to the other.


    Yes he prob would have cheated no matter what but she prob would have found out a lot sooner if it wasn't long distance


    Op I am thinking you are a cover up. Hes not ready to come out of the closet and a long distance gf who he barely sees makes him appear straight but hes not. He is gay

  2. I wouldn't wait a day, never mind 8 freaking weeks for him to come back.. If I dump him, I mean it-its over, I am not coming back. If he is stupid enough to dump me then he aint getting another chance.. this makes it sound like its acceptable for him to need time to decide if he misses you. The right man will never let you go

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