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  1. Still struggling with this, eh? What do you think is holding you back?
  2. Sad poem. Sorry you're still feeling this way about friends...I remember back in April some of us encouraged you to try some new ways of perceiving this: What do you think? Are you still a bit nervous about taking some risks in order to find some kindred spirits, and learn to connect with them? It's definitely not an impossible feat.
  3. Apology accepted. And it's not so much that Christmas is a sensitive topic for me, but you once told me on another thread I was arguing morals which was moot. So, it's the being told what I'm saying is moot is the sensitive topic.
  4. Hey, Eva? Maybe to you it's moot, but not to me. Maybe to you it's nothing to get upset over, but not to me. Your opinion is just that - not an almighty edict. You could really afford to be a little less dismissive of opinions other than your own.
  5. I agree with what you're saying, DN...however, do you have any advice on how she should state it to him so that he seriously addresses the issue/gives it thought? I just ask because my sense is that this is a subject she's brought up time and time again with him, and she may need to do it in a specific way this time that doesn't put him on the defense. So that he'll give her a carefully considered answer.
  6. My due date has changed, I was a week further along than they originally thought. So now it's September 23rd!
  7. Awww...I appreciate that. I just want you and Riley to be happy and safe. And I do know what you mean about dogs knowing who's got the soft heart. I have a dog that is pretty stubborn. But you know, as long as he listens to me on the important stuff...like "get away from the road!"...I can let some of the little things slide. Does your boyfriend display any affection whatsoever now to Riley? Any warmth or tenderness? Or is he just a scary authority figure to him?
  8. Hi, Summergirl...thanks so much for updating us! I was concerned all of our posts might have scared you off. I am really proud that you stood up for Riley, and I hope your boyfriend feels remorse for his previous behavior. And hasn't exhibited it again. What kind of training are you using with Riley?
  9. Yeah, I'd get a second opinion. These are the first doctors who let your condition get so out of hand, right?
  10. BTR, did they explain how breastfeeding again will help you heal? Obviously, I'm not a doctor, but...breastfeeding is what caused all this to begin with, and you still have some issues with your breasts. Isn't there a good chance that taking up breastfeeding could aggravate things again?
  11. I heartily second that. It is a day and age when we really have to advocate for ourselves whenever we seek medical attention. You're going through a terribly rough tme right now, BTR, but this too shall pass. It's redundant to even say this, but you know you have our unwavering support and positive thoughts, 24/7. Hang in there, girl...it's almost over!
  12. Yes, they probably are going to give you some anasthesia, that's usually why they request you don't eat or drink anything. It's going to be ok, hon. Let us know when you get back, if you feel up to it, how everything went. ((HUGS))
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