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  1. OK heres the thing, My moms so proud of me, I dont drink or do drugs, I always tell her "mom id never do that stupid stuff". The proms coming up. Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and 7 months, and Ive got drunk once before, I was really loud. But I drank a lot. But NOW, I want to drink, We are renting a limo with like 4 couples including me and my boyfriend. There all getting drunk, and I DONT want to get drunk because they are, But I think it would be fun to, NOT REALLY DRUNK, just buzzed. But do you think i should be the sober one? I could have fun without being drunk, But, Id kinda like to be just buzzed, 2 drinks, thats it. Im I just being stupid, if im gonna drink, Ill tell my mom, for sure, because we have a trust and we tell eachother EVERYTHING, and she knows i smoked weed once cuz i told her, she knows i drank once because i told her, if i tell her im gonna drink like 2 beers, i hope she wont be mad, or pissed, or not let me go, can someone of age tell me, please dont tell me not to drink, because ill feel like a lame the whole time, but is feeling like a lame on your prom night, really worthe it? will i look back and say, damn that wasnt fun!!!!!!
  2. Nope it happens to everyone, its just you being "wet" inside
  3. her past of being a lezbian shouldnt bother you at all, im suprized you dont like that! 99% of guys do lol. I Think you should just leave her past alone and realize the way she is now and stick with that, The past is killing my relationship, and ive learned to deal with it because things happen but life goes on... i say just ignore it and think about how good she is to you now, and start from there
  4. I had got the shot a week ago exactually, how much longer can i wait until i can have sex without a condom (dont worry about the STD"s i got all that checked out for both of us)
  5. i have a boyfriend who im very serious with and have been for a very long time. he did some ***ed up things to me in the past, but hes changed completely and we are wonderful, its been a year and 6 months and we cant ask for more. I just got "the shot" (birth control) and i donno what it is, but my attitude usto always change, but for some reason its been really crazy lately, ive got really nice than REALLY Mean, i bring up the past when i should be looking to the futur. I think too much and i worry constantly. Is this the shot? ANOTHER THING. its been a week. me and my partner are trustworthy and we are not sleeping with anyone else but eachother. We got checked and we are clear of any disease. I jsut want to know. is it safe to use no condom now. since you can when your on the shot or pill? or wait...and how long?
  6. maybe hes very confused on what he's doing or what he wants to do. I think you should give him time. When he ignores you. maybe hes thinking weather he should do it more or should he just stop. You need to talk to him about things. sit him down and talk and tell him that his decision will NOT break up your friendship between eachother. If he doesnt want to talk, respect that... his desicion shouldnt bring you guys father apart.
  7. it doesnt matter if you want to be gay or not, you are who you are. I have fantasies to. ALL THE TIME about 2 gay guys, or 2 gay girls, or me even with a girl. It happens. I wouldnt worry about it. Like they say, Maybe you need to talk to a bi/gay person online in a chat. Ask them. Theyll know more than we will ... but remember, you are who you are!
  8. im always looking at the future. Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and 6 months. And im always thinking, will we break up. what if i get sick of him, what if HE gets sick of me, what if one of us dies, how could we live without eachother. All these things are bothering me so much, and its not just now. Ive always thought about it. Ive always thought, WHAT if he looks at a girl, or meets one, and shes great to him and he wants to be with her. what if i want to be free at 17 and just not have a boyfriend, and than later on want to be with him. my family problems are crazy and i dont even want to get into it. I love and trust my boyfriend 100%, i tell him what i feel and he says i worry to much and that we will never break up and he will never hurt me again (long story). And that I just think of the worst.... I believe him because its been so long and we are GREAT, thats not what i care about though. what IF i die, What IF HE DOES, what IF something happens and he has to move. God, ALL these things in my head, I cant take it, HOW am i going to deal with this. HOW am i going to deal with the breakup in the futur. Hes 18 and im 17. Did anyone ever marry there first love in high school? NOT that i know of... Where am i going to be!!!!!!!!!
  9. I thank you guys so much for all of your help. I mean. I do have much more problems to worry about, Its just that, Im so afraid when hes with his friends he might think "wow i like chillin with them, maybe i dont want a girlfriend" even though he always tells me that were gonna be together forever, and we AAAAAAARE doing great... i just worry to much and theres nothing i can do about it, when he went out last night he must have called me 4 times, and i fell asleep and woke up to calls. HE always calls me, always tells me he loves me, and he just called me right now. I just need him in my life, he makes me feel so great, and visverso. we are wonderful. I just dont want it to end. EVER
  10. sweetheart, dont even think about suicide. I thought being with my boyfriend for a year and 6 months was long, wow! I understand what your feeling. and to be honest with you. I sometimes feel the same way. Im 17 years old too, I feel that im missing out on things also. When he broke up with me in the summer because he was feeling that way, he came back to me. I am afraid to give in also. because who knows if ill ever find someone like him. I need my space to. I just want to get away and do CRAZY THINGS. But i dont want to put our relationship in jeopardy. Im scared to, but whatever your decision, make it for you, and not for him. IF he really loves you, and you know hell take you back. Maybe break up with him and tell him you need space. Who knows, chances are you probably will get back with him. Im not trying to scare you, but who knows if youll find someone like him ever again. You can always be friends. See- my boyfriend said we can be friends, but when i talk to him about it, hes like "no we will never break up" I can never get a straight answer out of him. He always thinks the best. I always think to the futur and say to myself "what IF" what IF he wants to break up when i still love him, WHAT IF i want to break up and come back, he wont want to do that" WHAT IF i cheat on him, even though i would never. WHAT IF just what if!~ Its so sickning. Hes a wonderful guy, but every time i want to talk to him about something, he always jokes around and never takes things serious. and im just waiting for "the day" when he goes. YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS. To the point were i can just look at him and just shake my head and say... all these years, and you werent listning. Look..I feel the same way you do sometimes. Dont just give into your first feeling, wait awhile and if you still feel that way, than maybe its time to take charge... talk to him about it. It possibly could be HIM even. Who knows. But its not you... dont worry... I felt and still feel sometimes the same way... if you want to talk... you know you can talk to me .... jessro6 is my aim name... anytime
  11. Keep living your life the way you want YOUR life lived... who cares what they thing, if you like the way you are... dont stop!
  12. Whooooooo caaaaaares HUN, Dont you worry at ALL. I was really really shy with my boyfriend to at first, now were starting to do so many things infront of eachother, its been a year and 6 months, and were great! Look, every time you talk to him, losten up alittle more. FIND OUT how he is and what HE likes. Who cares if your shy. Youll loosten up weather you believe you will or not. Just simply tell him "Im shy because we just started talking "like this" so give me acouple days and ill losten up i promise" just tell him, dont hide it. Keep doin' what ya doin' Great job!
  13. ive been with my boyfriend a year and 6 months, yet... we hang out a lot. but when he says after work that hes going to sleep over his friend mikes or where ever, i get so jealous. I mean i show it alittle, he shows it alittle also when i go over my friends. What should i do. Our relationships great. I just need to stop being so jealous. Its just, I want him to have fun I TELL him to go have fun (so we dont get sick of eachother) and when we do. its like... NO I hate when were apart. is this normal? thank you for your advice!
  14. I think you should go for it girl, if you love him WHATS STOPPIN YOU! Love is crazy and I believe you only fall in love once you go girl!
  15. No, this is my FIRST TIME getting the shot, and NO i couldnt ask the doctor because my mom was in the room, thank you very much!
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