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  1. Day one: Well, the start of. I text you kisses last night when i left the bar. You replied with kisses. Let's see if you text over the weekend. Some how i doubt it though. Out in town tonight, amy's tomorrow and clubbing sunday to monday with your mates. A week ago you told me you love me. We shared a bed. Did it mean something or is it all part of some kind of elaborate let-down? You initiated contact for 4 consecutive days leading up to it. Was it too much too soon? I dont really know the answers to these questions and neither, i suspect, do you. So for now, i will give you some space. Even though i really feel like i'm going to lose you this weekend. All i know is i miss you jo. Just hope you will give me a chance to right my wrongs. The silly thing? That i will see you on Tuesday at work and will be right back to day 1 again. And again. And again.....
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