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  1. I know a bunch of people who have gotten back together. My friend dumped her boyfriend of two years, they went NC. They both had their own separate flings with others during that time. They got together three months later, and now they're been married for two years! My ex-boyfriend's sister broke up with her boyfriend, but he didn't take no for an answer. Chased her down, got her back, and now they're married, too. Friends I knew split after four years, more mutual than anything. They each went their own ways for 8-9 months, dated other people, moved on with life. They reconnected and now they're engaged. And I at least know of 5-6 more unsuccessful reconciliation stories, where they just ended up breaking up again, but yes -- getting back together happens a lot. If there was real love in a relationship, and broke up for reasons other than abuse or cheating, I think it's quite likely that people will at least toy with the idea of getting back together with a former love. Maybe the timing was off, or someone moved away, or they were too young and didn't have enough life experience. I still have hopes of getting back together with my ex one day. But I know in every successful reconciliation story I've heard, both parties MOVED ON. When you focus on making yourself happy, everything else will feel good and fall into place as they should.
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