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  1. Annie, in my experience the wishy washy stuff usually signals lack of strong interest (for whatever reason) - and I mean all else being equal - taking into account busy schedules, stressful life situations, whatever- I would focus on moving on rather than the chance that this is one of those exceptions where he is highly interested but _____ (fill in the blank with something out of his control). So - do nothing - because as you know that's the beauty of it - if there is an exception, the ball is in his court anyway and doing nothing won't change that or change his level of interest (yes I know and I know you know that there's a concern that he is not hitting the ball back because of a perceived lack of interest from you but if what you've done so far isn't enough for him, that's also not a great sign. I think it's great that you met someone else -- whether or not you date him you are right - it shows you that this is one guy. Don't put all your eggs in one bathtub. Feel better and I am sorry he is disappointing you - he obviously is not as smart as you thought.
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