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He’s not “happy”.
Partner isn’t happy. Well ex partner. He ended things because he isn’t happy in himself. He says he needs to find his happiness while he’s not in a relationship. He says
No Contact does work - when you’re not trying it
I’m just recently going through a breakup and started reading about going no contact to move on, and how some also use it as a means to win back their ex. I then
Getting Back Together, by WindowSeat
Is there a way to help a friend?
Hi. I don't want to force a friend of mine to come out. But I'm tired of hearing from them wanting a partner in life and not doing anything about it. Here's the story
To: Dating Advice
My advice is don't try & push or rush yourself on meeting anyone on any dating site. Becuz as for my experience I've had one too many bad experience. You would not
Dating Advice, by AqUaRiuS
All excited for her to now be unavailable
Hey guys. This place helped me a lot over a terrible toxic breakup about two years ago and I finally just recently opened my heart up for dating again. I've been playing
Dating Advice, by hrb23
I work at a horrible place
I've been at a company for 7 months now, and it's by far the worse place I've worked at. Starting that the owner of the company is a millionaire who is rude to all of
It is so easy for him to hit me, but leaving him isn't so simple.
I apologize for the lengthy post, but I figured the near-whole story is better than just the highlights. Some details: -I am a 24 year old graduate student working
Abuse and Violence, by Rosex25
I don't understand guys! HELP
Hey I am a 18 year old college student I never had a boyfriend before but I had some casual relationships that left me heartbroken. I usually meet guys at parties
Relationship Advice, by Anonimouspt2
I'm confused
I just need an advice okay last year my boyfriend got married with this other lady is incarcerated so he got in tune with me and told me that he don't love her that he's
Relationship Advice, by IrisRosario
Lied on resume, worried about consequences
After getting a job offer from a company for a position as a software engineer the company did an investigation. Which, I am guessing is taking close to 2 weeks. I've
No guys want to see me again
I have been online dating for a while with not much success I can't seem to get past a first date like ever!. Its really depressing and makes me want to give up but i
Dating Advice, by Boo1986
True closure- 9 years later
It was a cold winter day, 9 years ago to be precise that my life has radically changed. It was a stormy winter day, I was coming back from work, the road was very
My ex wants to meet for coffee/drinks, should I ask for her motivations?
So my ex and I broke up about 3 months ago (we were together 5 years) and she just sent me two recent emails. We used to live together and she still has stuff at my
Relationship Advice, by psycho magnet
Indifferent mom
I want to start off by saying, this is gonna be a long post, so here's a TL;DR: Mom's not listening at all to my needs and always paints me as a talkative exaggerative
Parenting and Families, by BigDankFeels
Keep having the same fight for 2 years...
My boyfriend is usually nice but has a temper sometimes. He’ll get pissy and start finding fault in everything I do, after weeks or months of everything being
Relationship Conflicts, by cgregsweeney
Burn out from current job
I recently posted about looking to relocate for my next job and have started some initial trips to visit the areas. And it has really gotten me excited in a way I
Career, Money and Education, by mgsportsfan252
Trigger: Ex wants to be friends - can we make this work/your thoughts?
First off we only dated for 3 months, but connected immediately on multiple levels. The first couple of months were like a movie & we were v happy. But as the sexual
Relationship Advice, by LucyTupp233
She closed date on last minute, changed her behaviour. What should i do?
Imeet one girl , our every date ended up with sex even we not agree on that specially. Anyway besides great sex we have really great time if it was in pub, or just
Dating Advice, by marlon232
My mother crossed the line
Hi. I’m going through something harsh right now. I want to tell you what happened so You can tell me what to do, or what you think about this situation. My parents
Suicide, by Plllover
Relationship Limbo - he won’t tell me he wants to break up for good
My BF of 9 months broke up with me during a heated argument in October, saying it was a culmination of how our fights escalated. We both did some things wrong but i
Getting Back Together, by WindowSeat
Why does my ex hate and resent me when she's the reason we broke up?
So it's been a while since I posted about my ex, and I've tried to stop talking about it and move on but I keep hearing things here and there and I felt like I needed
I need help.... What do I do???
I am 30 years old, and she is 42 years old. I need some advice on what to do about my current situation. Me and my ex fiance split up but i still currently live
Relationship Advice, by DanCaruso
Looking to move back home
I'm looking to move back home in April. I hate my job and where I live. The company I work for started out great. There were enough people to cover everything and
Career, Money and Education, by RelaxByWater84
My long-distance breakup
I'm 20 years old from southern Europe. I took a trip to western Europe and met a guy through tinder. After some time we decided to be in a long-distance relationship. I
Breaking Up Advice, by lilianrose
Baby father issues
So..my baby dad for almost 3 years on and off most of our relationship hhave a lot of issues he dont want me wearing make up or fixing my hair up ...he dont wamt me on
Getting Back Together, by lameluxury
Prayers /Good thoughts for my Shay
He is having all his canines removed today. He has a condition where he is allergic to his own teeth.
Pets, by ~Seraphim ~
Letting go of anger and resentment
This is possibly the most difficult part to let go and focus on the road ahead... Besides gym what other options you recommend to disperse anger and resentment?
I feel broken beyond repair
I initiated the break up of my 7 month relationship as he was ogling other women. I felt exhausted and worthless. It was a bad breakup that I didn't intend on doing
Breaking Up Advice, by cally71
Really need to vent!!
I'm feeling quite angry and overwhelmed at the moment and really just need to vent. Hoping to maybe get some new perspectives on this because I'm feeling a bit emotional
Partner won’t pick me up anymore
My partner and I have been together for four years and have lived together for two. He used to pick me up from nights out at various times of the night, but for the last
Dating Advice, by doglover123
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