Emma Watson's Organic Clothing And Jewelery Collection

February 8, 2010

Emma Watson, smart Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, has launched her own ethical clothing and jewelery line for fair-trade brand People Tree, the pioneering Fair Trade and sustainable British fashion brand founded by green campaigner Safia Minney in 1991.

The actress, 19 - who is currently filming the final two movies in the blockbuster franchise Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - has become the first poster girl for eco-chic and has designed a new capsule lifestyle collection for teenagers, titled Love From Emma.

Watson said that she has been a passionate advocate of everything organic since taking human geography class in a high school and learning about Fair Trade while doing work experience with her mother's friend who is a lecturer at the Oxford Business School. Emma's decision to create eco-friendly line grew out of a real frustration. The actress said that it is very hard to figure out what is good and what is bad on the high street and equally hard to find fashionable or youthful ethical clothing. "I don't want to wear something on my body that hurts the environment or the people in it. I wanted to put together a collection I could be proud of in terms of both ethics and design,'' Watson said in an interview.

The multi-talented teenager worked on the new collection in the evenings, after a day's shooting, and whenever she had a weekend off from filming. According to her, she did not want this collection to be all about her. The new line is by no means a celebrity endorsement, it is about creating something that is genuinely a great idea and about making a difference through fashion, she said.

Emma, who is currently Burberry's favorite muse and has also a modeling contract with fashion label Chanel, made sure that the Fair Trade line could be both beautiful and flattering. The cute collection features a handful of modern pieces, including preppy-style knits, striped tees, jersey dresses, Breton tops, boyfriend blazers, crest badges, cotton T-shirts, accessories, poplin skirts and shorts and even some tailored menswear.

The clothes are made entirely by hand by fair trade groups from 100 per cent organic and Fair Trade certified cotton. People Tree brand works with 50 fair trade groups in 15 countries and all clothes are dyed using safe and natural dyes. The new range was made using weaving, knitting and embroidery, helping to create livelihoods for disadvantaged groups in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Prices range from £12 for a scarf to £115 for a cricket cardigan.

The new collection is available now online through People Tree's website and in a number of stores around London.

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