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    I have just w/in the last 24 hrs been diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, also known as: Berger's Disease, IgA nephritis and IgA glomerulonephritis.

    I'm a healthy 25 yr old female, and have had 3 months now of bi-lateral flank pain, hematuria, and little proteniura (spelling might be wrong). In this same time I've also had fevers from 100-101 on and off. After seeing my second nephrologist, they said that the inital ruling of kidney stones was stupid, and it is much more serious.

    I am now scheduled for a kidney biopsy, and am looking at the possibility of having to prepare for future kidney failure, dialysis, and donors.

    Anyone else have kidney issues/stories that they can give me their take on getting though it?

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    I cannot offer any advice on this situation but I do hope that you are able to cope in the future. Its good that you were able to get an accurate diagnosis so that you can be available for a donor list. I never even heard of this before so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm going to change my donor status now because of this.

    All the best to you. I guess is have the tests done and wait it out, but I hope that it doesn't progress any further if that is possible. You're in my prayers tonight.

    I saw that this site had lots of info. It helped me understand what you are facing.


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    i'm sorry to hear that. i'll be thinking a lot about you. you sound like a very strong person and i'm sure you'll be just fine. take care and god bless


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