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Thread: the raw food diet. any comments?

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    the raw food diet. any comments?

    i have a friend who is in a family that only eats raw food. my teacher gave me a book on it too because she thinks it would be really good for my diabetes.
    so i am doing it and it isn't easy, expecailly when i don't really have any recipes for it. there are a lot of people that eat like this and they have recipes they just can't cook it.
    the deal is you can't eat anything cooked, processed, or any animal products such as dairy and meat or even huney (as far as i know). it's maily vegitables and fruit and you can have socked nuts, soy beans, and grains (as long as they are not processed or cooked).
    is there anyone here who eats like that? i wanted some recipie ideas if there are any floating around the site. Im gonna ask my friend but it's his mom who prepares things so i might not know for a while, i tend to forget to ask.
    well thanx,
    love Qtpie87

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    I watched a documentary on that and it said that you actually get less nutrients by eating the food raw. If you boil/cook them you get a lot more nutrients. I don't know, I didn't really understand it, but that's what they said.

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    link removed has quite a few books on raw food diets. Also I'm sure if you do a search on google for raw food recipies...I'm sure you will find quite a few!

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    If you have early onset type 2 diabetes, then a raw food diet can help with blood sugar control. In some cases people find it prevents them needing to start insulin injections, and they can control their type 2 diabetes with just diet and possibly tablets.

    However if you've got type 1 (probably more likely as you're 17) then a raw food diet wouldn't provide any extra benefit to diabetic control than any other healthy diet low in carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Even if you did go on such a diet it would be very important that you still injected, as in type 1 your body cannot provide a basal level of insulin. If you tried to control it using just the diet then you would eventually go into a coma. You may find that under the diet your diabetes management would need to change slightly - it would probably be a good idea to talk it through with your specialist first!

    If you do move over to a raw food diet it might be a good idea to assess your nutrient intake on it. It is difficult to get enough vitamin B12, iron, calcium and protein. Be careful of some of the raw food websites, they can be a bit passionate about the whole raw food thing and some make claims about it curing diabetes etc that isn't true at all.

    Good luck!

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    Hi cutie pie,

    I went on a raw food diet a few years ago to cleanse my liver and i started feeling pretty good after about a week. After two weeks, i was starting to feel fantastic. I don't know what it does for diabetes, but i'm sure that if you eat a variety of foods, then you shouldn't suffer any side affects and you will feel fantastic. I've been meaning to do it again, but it takes so much will power.


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