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Thread: here we go... the lonely holiday singles thread...

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    here we go... the lonely holiday singles thread...

    i figured someone was going to post a thread like this eventually. anyway, sorry in advance for whining, but i figure many others are going through this too.

    so it's the holidays, and my ex and i have been apart for 3 months. she's happy as can be with her new boyfriend, and pretty much all my other friends have someone special too. other than that, me and two of my friends are totally alone i've been trying to find someone new, but out of three single girls i've pursued since i've been single; one ignored me entirely, and the other two apparently forget about me, due to other guys that came into their lives after me, so they're probably off the market now too.

    this is the first holiday where i've had a girlfriend before it, so i've never known what it's really like to be "alone" on these kinds of yearly events. i want to know if anyone has any advice on how to make this time of year not so lousy. all i can think about is the ex and how happy she is with her new boyfriend, when she's the one who ruined our relationship right before this guy.

    again, sorry for being angsty... this site is one place i can let it out without people telling me to get over it. thanks 8)

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    I'm single but haven't really thought of it..I broke up with my bf about 2 months ago & haven't found anyone since, but I sorta like being independent. I'm probably in the minority on this though. I've been single for so long before I don't really notice anything different, and it doesn't really affect me because I'm so into my schoolwork anyways & my bestfriend is also single so it's OK. I was down about it in the summer, mostly because I've never dated before that, but now that I've been in a relationship I don't feel like it's anything to really rush into.

    Enjoy the holidays,


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    I'm sort of like Lily except I've never been in a serious relationship. I'm happy with what I've accomplished this year. I never even talked to girls, never been on dates, or never gotten kisses until this year. I've also improved my social life as well. So I'm content for now. I'm loving the break from school more than anything. I also made a 4.0 GPA yet again in college so my dad will be continuing to help me financially.

    I have a couple of girls in mind that I wouldn't mind going on a date with but I mean like Lily said, I'm in no rush to get into any kind of relationship at the moment. I've just been going out with friends to the movies a lot recently and just been chilling at home with family. Now that freakin' school is done I can get in a full workout every day.

    So I'm nowhere near depressed yet I'm single so it's possible. I'm sure it's a lot tougher for those who have broke up/lost love ones recently. I hope you guys can find some way to not be depressed the whole time. I think it will help if you go see some funny movies or any movie really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caldus
    I'm sort of like Lily except I've never been in a serious relationship. I'm happy with what I've accomplished this year. I never even talked to girls, never been on dates, or never gotten kisses until this year. I've also improved my social life as well. So I'm content for now.
    Caldus > that's awesome man. Really, good for you

    Hmm, well wanderer, this is the first Christmas I have when I'm not single. So there's been 26 Christmas's before that I've lived through. Some of them have been depressing, but the majority of my Xmases have been great. I've had a lot of practice in that regard.

    Chin up & revel in the love of your family and friends. You'll be fine.

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