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Thread: Ask out a TOTAL Stranger?

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    Ask out a TOTAL Stranger?

    Hey guys,
    I was curious as to how to ask out a COMPLETE stranger? and how to know if asking them out is the right thing to do. Are there any signs to look for as to whether they may be interested? I'm a really shy person and it would be really hard for me to do something like this but theres this one gilr that is just absolutley spectacular who i would reallly like to know better. Any help pwease??

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    Welcome to the site my friend, Let me guide you to a link ( a post) i had made earlier this month to someone who was sort of in the same situation as you are, i think you'll find this post to be pretty helpful in "Approaching for the First Time" sometimes called a Cold-Walk-Up

    link removed

    Note: Scroll down until you see my Avatar (B.A.S.S. fish logo) that you see to your left.

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