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Thread: Masterbation... for girls...

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    Masterbation... for girls...

    Tell me... What are different kinds of ways for girls to masterbate?

    What ways work best for you other girls?

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    The only way that gets me off is a vibrator...
    I'm not an expert though...

    Good luck!

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    pensacola, florida

    the way i masterbate

    Ok this one maybe weird, but i lay in the tub, or use a hand shower messager and masterbate that way. There is just something about the warmeth of the water and they way it fills me up..

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    i find that just using my hands and very lightly touching my clit is a good way to get started, and use my fingers and hands to do what feels good and right. however, ive never actually fingered myself, but im young, doesnt take ALOTT lol. and thinking about ACTUAL personal experiences is much better than watching people screw on tv or something, or stupid pics of only naked girls. gotta get into the frame of mind.

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    Lie down in your bath tub with the water on (from tap). Lie on your back and let the flowing water hit your clit.

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    definitely agree with water suggestions. In the bath or shower. Adjust the pressure and temperature as you need. Gets you there in no time and its easy.

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    the way i do it is i simply start by rubbing my clit..just running my fingers over it....then i get a make up brush and start "tickeling" my clit with with it..i also rub it on my nipples too and work my way down...this sends goosebumps all over me...right when i cant take it any more i get this platic massager. it doesnt vibrate or anything it just has for different knobs on it and it supposed to be used for back massages...i then take the side with the 2 smaller balls and shove one in my vagina and the other i rub on my clit (theyre the perfect distance apart) i start shaking from this..then i get the big ball and shove it in my vagina...i then takes the wet make up brush(it gets soaked from my vagina) and tickle my clit with it again...i like to pretend that my boyfriend is ****ing me hard meanwhile a girls is licking and sucking on my clit(im not a lesbian lol)...omg im guna go do it right now! =]

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    Many Many ways!!!

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    oh my god this is nsfw lol, wait what am I doing in this thread anyway

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    The comedy sketch by Dane Cook called DJ Diddles chimes through my head reading this thread..


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