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Thread: getting back an ex, success stories?

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    getting back an ex, success stories?

    Do we have any success stories from people who have managed to attract their ex back?

    It is my guess that alot of people use this website when they are down and out or feeling sad about a break up and then when they are feeling better or have got back with their ex they are too busy having a life to write any posts for us saddies to read and gain hope.

    Is there anyone out there who has managed to get an ex back? How did you do it? What is the best attitude to take?

    Anyone noticed how the magazines are saying that Tom Cruise has broken up with Penelope Cruz and wants Nicole Kidman back? What approach did Nicole take?

    Has anyone ever visited that site "link removed" where you can buy an ebook about strategies to get an ex back? What do they say? (i don't have a credit card to buy it myself).

    I want to hear some success stories.

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    sum where in this place


    i got my ex back by just ta kin to him i was mean to him but then was nice.Its confusing how i got him.I asked him who he liked and he wouldn't tell me and i kept askin him and when he went to away i emailed him and i then he told me he liked me lol.I have always liked him for a long time lol.well thats all i have to say

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    i would also like to hear some success stories that would be really nice. reading some of these other ones could just make people even more sad. i also visited that link removed thing. i really would like to read it but i dont have a credit card either. i emailed them to ask if there was any real books out there with that stuff but they never responded.

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    It does happen!!!!!

    I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago and like everyone else wants him back...but its all up in the air. Anyway the last serious relationship I had fell apart and we ended up back together. I'm so stupid cause I never even thought to myself how I managed that then and how I could try it now. Basically I wanted him and still loved him but just accepted it was over. We had no contact unless we casually bumped into each other in a pub or whatever. Then we were out one nite in the same club got talking and ended up sleeping with each other. I carried on like it was nothing(I felt terrible after) and over about 3-4 months the same scenario happened 1/2 more times. In all that time I never once made it clear how I really felt for him, he never saw me sad even tho my heart was broken throughout all that time. I carried on like I didnt care about it. Eventually he called me up one day and said everything was driving him crazy could we meet up and we did. he declared his love for me and how he wanted what we had again.......and we did. We eventually broke up after a few months because I realised we had grown apart. I know other ppl who have broken up with boyfriends/girlfriends and get back together after a few months and who are still together and so happy. I hope that my present ex will feel like that about me and we will be together..........

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    It does happen !!

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    There's a thread called "Getting back together really does happen Check it out, lots of success stories in there.

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    I guess my mom is a success story,
    She and my step dad dated.They broke up for about 6months. She told me that she cried for months (I was too young to notice) and he even went on to date another woman. After she got to a point to where she was happy, he called crying for her back. Here we are now! I have 3 younger siblings! lol

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    [QUOTE=indesign;4937135]It does happen !!

    This is a thread from 2004. Please don't bump old outdated threads.

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    Kate, everyone's situation is different. But it takes patience, have the patience to let go, and keep your distance. Reach out when you think you are ready to communicate or when you have given yourself enough time to think things through. I don't think reconciliation is possible if you don't make some attempt to reach out to your 'ex', after some time has passed- can be a few weeks to a couple months. Be strong. If your ex reaches out to you, show how much you care and never let them forget what a wonderful friend you could be...

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    im gonna tell you my success story which was overall a fail and someone elses lol
    me and ex broke up because we both cheated on each other ( i cheated when i found out she had and my mate tryna help me out gave me a "pill" woke up in bed with sum1 didn't remember any of it) but i wanted her back she chose to stay with her ex before me the guy she cheated with i started sleeping with another girl and me and my ex didn’t speak except for when we argued. Then suddenly she came over and we slept together she told me she was so sorry and wanted me back (big issue she left the country 2 days later and is pregnant with my kid ) that success was by showing i’d moved on.
    Next story my last ex who left her current BF to be with me. We broke up and he got her back by acting like a lost puppy without her. I got her back again by making her jealous by getting with her best friend we got back together for a few days broke up again she went back to her ex before me. Then yet again he went away and we got back together for a week and broke up her ex one her back by always being there and constantly being needy.


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