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Thread: Affraid to tell that I'm in love with an unpopular guy..!

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    Affraid to tell that I'm in love with an unpopular guy..!

    I am i love with the most unpopular boy at my school... what do I do????
    I know that it is wrong for me to have a problem with this fact, but I am affraid of what my friends and others would say if they heard about it! They just don't know him the way that I do, and I don't think that they ever will! I would like this feeling to go away, but it is hard when I see him every day. The things he does that others find annoying I find cute! I know that he likes me, because he told me a few weeks ago. I have not discussed it with anybody, and I don't even think that any of my close friends know, that I am talking to him.
    Am I to superficial or is it normal to have these doubts about a relationship to a person that others don't like????

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    Sep 2003
    Hey its quite alright to think this way but to a degree

    hmm what does he do that others find annoying is he the joker type

    sorry u have to give more detali

    also it is important that your friends approve him casue you dont want to become unpopular with them

    hmm you have to be more explicit about his behaviour and ur attraction to him what attracts u!!

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    i feel that if two people like each other then they should at least give it a try, personally i dont see how popularity can get into such a negative state of weather or not two people should be together.
    if you feel this is right then go for it. sometimes we have to take these chances other wise we will live to regret.
    everyone deserves a chance and i feel this shows that you can love someone for who they are not what they simbolise so take this challange and go out with him or at least on a date.

    more information would help like the shyguy24 (above) said.
    but hope i helped.

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    ok, if your friends can't accept you because you like this guy, then they aren't really your friends. that sounds harsh, but its totally true. if you like this guy, you can't help it, you don't choose who you fall for, it just happens. i'm glad that you realise that it is wrong to have a problem with this because it really is. he can't help the fact that others don't find him "popular" & its so cool of you to like him for who he is & not judge him based on what others think about him. i really think that if you like him & he likes you, you should go for it. the worst that could happen is that people will start thinking that you are "unpopular" like him, but they are just ignorant. they don't know him like you know him. don't worry about what others think of him & what you think others will think of you if you do both get together. you know what your feelings are, so don't let others get in the way of that. what i don't understand about the whole "popular" thing is that who gets to say whats popular & what isn't? why can't people just accept every one for who they are & not care about what they look like, or how they dress? if your friends do end up not wanting to be your friend over this, it would be the stupidest reason, & if they let something so small get in the way of your friendship, then i'm sorry, but they aren't friends worth having. friends accept you no matter who you are or what you do. well, i suppose there are some exceptions to that, but your problem isn't one of them.


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    Los Angeles, CA
    Not ONLY are you superficial, but you're being super shallow too. First of all, true friends, back you up., period. Friends are those people in our lives that know everything about us, and still like us. Besides, what matters today probably won't matter tomorrow and as our ideals change, so do we. What makes ANYONE popular or sexy or desirable is the level of CONFIDENCE one has about themselves. Insecurity is why we spend two-thirds of our lives feeling good about ourselves by cutting someone else down to size.
    Hmm, if you ask me, I think YOU could be a lot more POPULAR than you might think.
    Good luck.

  7. 07-08-2020, 11:20 PM

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    Erin, I see you are digging up a lot of old threads. For example, this one is over 16 years old. The person who posted this is unlikely to still be checking for responses.

    This community loves to help people. Perhaps you can start your own thread and we may be able to help.
    Last edited by Capricorn3; 07-09-2020 at 07:58 AM.


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