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Thread: i think i might hurt myself tonight

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    Jul 2003

    i think i might hurt myself tonight

    i think i might hurtr myself tonight. ive drank a 5th of gin and im pretty drunk. i dont know what i might do... im SERIOUS. THIS IS NOT soleley for attention, i swear... i feel like life has messed me up... i guess thats all that i hav to say....thanks

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    Silver Member Gilgamesh's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Hello Liz

    I do understand the feelings of dispair you must be going through, and although booze and drugs may seem like the way to go to ease those feelings, it wont work , understand that there is always hope, and you have friends here that will listen, you are not alone in this.

    There are organizations that can help you with your problems, you need to reach out to one of these groups and let them help you. doing meth, gin and whatever else is only making it worse, dont punish yourself!

    many people have been in your situation, and have found a way out!, people that thought that they were in a place of no escape, that it was too late for them, but its not!

    please call someone, look up a local org. on the internet or yellow pages. you are a beautiful person dont forget that!

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    Jun 2002
    Look baby...... whatever it is.... isnt worth getting upset about..... ive had a lot to drink too , and your going to be fine..... im awake right now, if you want to talk my screen name on here is the same on my yahoo account (dreamdancer118 @ yahoo) im me... we can chit chat for a bit <3 Amanda

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    Jul 2003
    NH for school, NC is home


    Come on now... lets think about this.

    YOU HAVE A LIFE... a life you can live with no regrets. Life gets hard HELL YEAH IT DOES. But jumping off the deep end and letting it all end... that shows weakness... stand up chicky be strong. Life is all about screw ups and unforgetable mistakes... but NOTHING and I say NOTHING with a strong tone is worth ending it over.

    You have a life to live... to be anything to do anything to say anything.

    I know right now you are saying she has not idea what she is talking about or you are saying I dont know what you have been through... well here let me tell you..

    I am 20, Im not sure by the post how old you are but i have a feeling you are not much younger or older than I. I was suicidal. i was abused and used by everyone... i drank til I had no brain left to think... and I sure enough did enough drugs to cover the US army. I am saying this because I want you to know life is better if you let it be better.

    Drinking only gets you grogier... your not getting anything from it but a messed up head and a headache in the morning. It isnt for you.

    Listen stop what you are doing and WAKE UP there is soooo much out there... Girl... if you put your mind too it you can be anything... ANYTHING. I was there... in your shoes... and I am changing my life around. OPEN YOUR MIND>>> AND YOUR EYES... to your surroundings.

    Maybe you have a child? Could that be whats hard?

    Maybe you have had a rough up bringing? is that it?

    Maybe you are in the mist of hell? Is that it?

    ANYTHING that stands in your way break it down and become the future.

    A Child? Fight for your right to be somebody. Go to school. there is help out there.

    Rough up bringing? thats the past... PRESENT is where you are NOT the past.

    Mist of hell right now? STAND up for YOU... and Do what makes you happy GET out... move on with your life.

    I can tell you are a BRIGHT GIRL... because you asked for help, or your intension was to get it.


    MAKE YOUR LIFE... You have one life to live... START LIVING.. a HEALTHy LIFE not a sad drunken life.

    life is like the game of life... PLAY your cards right... and there is anyways a chance to throw in your cards and get a new set...

    THINK clearly... no more drinking... or drugs whatever the case may be there is always a way out... JUST ASK FOR THE HELP

    I hope this helps you wake up and see life for what it can be and not for what it is.

    GOOD LUCK and my email is email removed

    Hope to hear from you



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    Aug 2003
    I almost always do what my mommy says--
    and what she told me on that kind of subject was

    Go to sleep and things will look better in the morning.

    and that is what i have to say...and life is totally worth living. look into a childs eyes and see what they see..never ending happiness. so look into yourself and smile for you were a child once with unending happiness. and not a care in the world.

    life is precious...take care of it you don't know how much it is worth until it is gone....


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    Jun 2003

    I am dealing with many of the same questions...

    When life gets bad for me i always evaluate the worth of life itself. I never had the best childhood as far as family support and therfore i always felt lonely. Is this your situation? Sometimes all i needed to be told was that tomorrow is another day. I would think i don't even care if i see tomorrow. I would take my mind of things by watching an old fav movie or reading a great book or even watching infomercials. Next thing i knew, i woke up to another day. To be honest not all days are great, but out of nowhere a day of opportunity comes about. If you decide to take the opportunity, you have a chance of experiancing whatever it is that you feel that you are missing in your life. Life is a game that deals you different cards everyday. It all comes down to how you play your cards that will make the difference in life that you are seeking. Hang in, take your mind of how bad life seems and focus on working with each day as it gets dealt to you. Without adversity in life you can never reach your full potential. Life is what you are willing to make of it. remember an opportunity for you is around the next corner.

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