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Thread: I have nothing PLZ help me!!!! this is serious situation..

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    I have nothing PLZ help me!!!! this is serious situation..

    Although it has been very very very long time....i was a child not sure of what my age was but at this time i remember to this day what happened to me...now this is really strange i dont even know why i am telling you people this but i really need advice although i am a male an am not really really concerned about this matter considering it has been in the past for years now i really need some insight on this situation....I honestly think i am going to hurt someone but I know for a fact this is not who I am if you know me and are reading this i sure as hope you understand what i am saying because i cant tell you in person cutie....im so sorry as much as i would i think it would ruin everything you have going for you as of now....anyhow back to the topic this lady use to babysit me as a child...what she yous to do is take a toy boat (blue) and fill it with water and pour the water in my penis and make me piss althoug i cant recall how many timers this happened i do remmeber this happening more than once.....is this bad is this molestation?? i must of been younger than 5 years old but have no idea and dont plan on telling nyone in my life except yall peaple....but the problem really is i really have a strong feeling that this girl was at the same place as me but we dont talk but have seend eachother many times but just dont recall when we were there..anyhow this girl has a child now and i think this lady is the same lady that is watching her child i really want to tell her what happened but i dont want to ruin anything if this is her grandmother or mother ...and if this is only babysitter she has i am reall confused i mean she thinks im being mean to her but i really just want to tell her what happened but i dont want to hurt or ruin anyones family ....i know this is alot to cope with but i feel online is the only way i can express this and I NEED ADVICE and preferlably a adults opinion i really need help should tell this girl or not!!

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    Child molest???

    Yes you should step up and do something.

    Whether you realize it or not that did affect you. It molded you in a certain way. It affected your mindset and your personality.

    Confront this woman first and bring it to her attention. Then tell the child's parents. This is your responsibility as a adult and as someone who went through this personally.

    Noone should lose his or her childhood to a abuser.

    By the way, If I missed something.... Please reread what you typed in the future. It was really hard to understand.

    Good luck to you.

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    i been drinkin

    I hve been drinkin..this is not a reason to say I'm wrong i know this has happeneded but thats why what i have expined might seem confusing i dont know any other way to express this than what i have already said to be honest with you i really dont want to tell her!!! NOT AT ALL but should i try to give her clue or hints to this matter i mean i am a male i believe what you said and AGREE totyaly because it has i am straight and love women but it has effected me in an akward mannor so you saying my mind is altered i believe you..but i just do not want to tell her not at all and HONESTLY I WONT for the simple fact i just couldnt tell her...i wish i could but since it has been in the past i cant come to grip with this as much as i want to i still dont think i could im 19 now...though but i dont want to tell

    her if yall think i should i really need honest opinions if its for the best.....

    if you could help me personally contact me i dont feel right talking about htese things freely over the internet...i just dont want anyone be hurt...as i know what it feeels like to have something like this happen i just dont feel like i have the understanding to tell her and her BF...should i just LET IT BE??????? PLZ DR'S , nurses, dentist, 4-6 college grats help me!!
    all respect to yous who have made much success in your life..plz help thanks!!

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