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Thread: someome explain to me the point.

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    Thank you everyone, for your replies and intrest.
    I would like to reiterate, that i am not depressed, i know people who are depressed, and i'm pretty sure i used to be depressed (no comparison to how i'm doing now), but i don't think anyone actually answered my question. I fear i may have become somewhat of an imbittered nihilist over the years, and i'm sorry bout my pessimstic attitude, but i just can't think any differently. I have tried many of your above suggestions, but i fear it's my way of thinking that has made me the person i am.
    I don't think there is anything i can/will do to change my future plans, and i hope that none of you will place any unnecessary concern in my person.
    i think i just posted that original message for some closure, and maybe because i was lonely, who can tell?

    Anyway thanks a lot everyone.(Y'all have been more than courteous to me, you really are a nice bunch)

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    Gold Member crookster_man's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Ontario Canada

    What is the question?

    Okay ------, I will answer your question if you answer mine. Why did you post this? Don't give me the above answer either. It would appear that you are reaching out for help. Even if you don't want to believe it. You say you are a nihilist? Well I'm well versed in many forms of philosophy. Nietzsche, the father of nihilism would disagree with your preference for suicide. Suicide for him would be the weak mans way out.

    I must say your post has intrigued me. I had to dig out some of my old books to answer this one. For the true nihilist you understand that the world is merely a random collection of repeating events no matter what you do, stuff will happen time and time again. However, Nietzsche said that you must rise up and become a dominating force, the super man. In his world there were two types of people. Those who serve and those who rule. The goal of every life is to gain as much power and influence as possible, suicide is in direct opposition to that goal. (according to Nietzsche)

    You say your way of thinking has made you who you are? I agree, though I fear you do not understand one important thing. You control how you think.

    See, you are not your mind. You are not your thoughts. You are not your ideas or beliefs. They may be yours, but they are not you. They are instruments you use.

    You are missing the point? I don't think that's true at all. You get the point; you are just asking the wrong question. What is the real question you are asking? Why did you make this post? Can you answer my question?

    I'm not trying to save you, or change your mindset. I'm merely challenging your convictions. Challenge mine.

    P.S. What exactally are you sorry about?

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    Jul 2003
    FL, USA


    I strongnly doubt I will answer your questions, because I have heard better advice that I can give myself and they don't seem to answer you.
    I allowed myself to think pessimistic at times, I understand when you say that you are the way you are because the way you think and i was about to accept that until something that "crookster_man" said stood out to me..." You control how you think. See, you are not your mind. You are not your thoughts. You are not your ideas or beliefs. They may be yours, but they are not you. They are instruments you use. "Which made me realize that we think negatively because we allow ourselves. Us pessimistic people have found answers to our questions about life in a negative forms.
    I don't know jack about philosophy but maybe if u look somewhere else for answers then you will find something more comforting. This world is a big place with things we have not discovered yet, maybe you will discover something that will help you.
    I dont know if ive helped or made sense, but i tried

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    last post on this subject

    To start, i made my original post, because i was curious. You know those thoughts that swirl around in your head constantly, to the extent that they are quite normal to you but a little unhinging to others?
    Yeah well i was wondering if i was alone in my thinking, apparently on ths board i am.
    And i do agree with crookster_man, i know my thoughts are my own, im just happy to indulge them (sorry if im contadicting myself, im weird that way, but i still maintain my original sentiment). I know i am a weak person, lacking in character etc., i did not intend to be a nihilist, its just introspectively i seem to have a lot of nihilistic qualities.

    I am content with my way of thinking, and i see no problem with anything i have said here. I have offered my view on life, and i still can't quite grasp why so many people are hung up on living long lives. It's not a major problem for me, but i would have liked if someone actually had some reasons why im apparently so flawed in my perception of the world.
    I am just one person, i can only know whats it like to be me.
    By nature i am submissive, i learned long ago, that we can nevr truly own anything, possessions are fleeting etc., and in the long run you must accept this, that your thoughts are not your own, ie. out of all the billions of people who have lived on this earth, the odds of someone stringing some words together and forming a completely original thought are minimal, if possible at all.

    I think the reason why a lot of people most messages on boards like these is because they wish to discuss subjects in an open and honest fashion with people who will not inflict any kinds of false sympathies on them, and will just say what is needed to be said.

    It appears to me, that everyone who has replied to my post, appears to be quite intelligent, i applaud you all! And on this note i must plead with you to pay me no more mind, as i am SURE that there are many people or problems that deperately require the attentions of individuals like yourselves

    Thank you and goodnight.


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