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    Jul 2003


    dear frns ..

    i happened to know abt this wonderfull site and i m lucky that i wud be adviced here 4 a problem which not letting me sleep in nites


    i m in college not many girls in my college ,,,i dont like many of them , they all r *beep* ,,

    i m 6 feet , very fair and cute and i have got average body ,,

    thing is i guess , i cant be reajected on basis of my looks thats sure ,,..

    i got a girl online and we started talking on phone 4 a long time ....i thinkt i wasnt interested in her much ,,but the way we talked on phone on first nite made me have feelings 4 her ,, we had phone sex on first nite she told me that she was not enjoying her life , in her school,i enjoy my life a lot although i dont have time 4 a gf as study is 2 tough and gals just need a lot of time , which i have 2 reduce frm my hobbies which i cant do ,,,i just cant live without listening 2 music and playig football

    ,,i was falling in love which i didnt want 2 ,,

    i asked her many times 2 be my frns ,,but she told she had feelings 4 me

    lucikly or unluckily we were in love ,

    we used 2 talk on phone for many hrs

    ,,,i didnt like talking 2 her on phone but 4 her shake i used 2 talk on phone ,,

    that used 2 be the worst talking with her on phone of the day ,,but i didnt want 2 hurt her ,,one nite i kept the phone down in anger as she was very borring ,,,

    at once she rang me and i found her weeping over phone and she said sorry and promised me she wud not talk crap things again , guys,my time is very costly ,,i m 19 and she is 16 ,,i just cant waste my time 4 gals ,,,i do have urge 4 sex but i masturbate ,,

    so we met offline ,frankly speaking i was sure she loved me very much ,,

    i didnt like her in meeting ...

    as she wasnt that beautiful ...

    as i told u she wasnt gud in talking 2 ,,

    b4 it she had written many letters 2 me writing she wanted 2 have sex with me ...

    i tried 2 avoid her in meeting

    i told her its just a infatution she is having and me 2..

    its not love at all,,

    i gave her many excuses ,,,

    she asked me many times could i forget her ,,

    i say , i'll try my best ,,

    she seemed to be hurt ,,

    then i craped abt my last gf in front of her ,,

    i m sure that she liked me very much and she was interested in keepig things going..

    but i screwed all things.

    she told me she started smoking because of me,

    ....we asked each other to be just frns ,,

    frmthat day i never mailed her ...

    and nither she did ,,

    i dont know where she is now,,

    but she is coming in my dreams ..

    i think , i m in love with her ,,guys waht shall i do,,

    shall i go back 2 her and what i wud say 2 her??????

    she might have found sumone ,,,

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    May 2003
    I think sometimes u realize u are in love, wen u cant have that certain person. So maybe the time apart was waht u needed to let u kno that u truly casre about her. She might still like you if she was that deeply in love with u like she said. So i think u should find her and tell her exactly what u are feeling. Who knos, she may be sitting there feeling the same thing. And if she does have someone she will kno that once this new guy is done, she can come to you. So she may dump her bf ( if she even has one ) to come to you if she truly likes u. SO i say tell her how you feel, ad take it from there. U will never kno if something oculd have come out of this if u dont try. Go find ur grl man.

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    Jul 2003
    Long Island, New York
    You got to know her as a person and that is what you fell in love with. You said that in the beginning but then when you saw her she was not that pretty. I have to tell you that the way you wrote the things you did at the end was not nice. She is 16 and yes she is younger then you and sometimes girl can be captivated by an older guy and you need to realize that if you like her that is fine but you cannot play games as she can easily be heartbroken. You need to apologize to her for the way you treated her and maybe she will accept but if not do not give up you need to prove yourself. However, remember you need to make sure that is what your feeling and not just loneliness. You always want what you cant have.....

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    Jul 2003

    big yellow taxi

    hmm....are you sure that you're really inlove with her? well, based on your story the girl seemed to have fallen for you so deeply...why did you reject her? make up your mind. "...you don't know what you got till its gone? " anyway, you're both still young and you'll meet a lot of girls out there. if she's meant for you, you'll find each other eventually!

    Peace out! 8)


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    Jul 2003
    u guys seem to be rite , i want 2 go her back but the way i treated her makes me feel sick inside .i dont think she will forgive me . had i been in her place , i wud never have forgiven sumone like that.i dont know she might have got over me or might not. but i dont find words to say anything 2 her .i have been really selfish in this relationship and i have played many times with her ,i m feeling guilty now ..i have never been heartbroken and i dont want 2 be,,no body does so..
    she took the pain many times and she might giv me pain if she got over me and if she didnt ,she can still do it seeing me coming 2 her and seeing me in the condition shes been through...u cant hope a girl 2 be very nice and she is the nicest .as far as i know this relationship she wont be sure of my love though i try my best 2 show her.
    its my fault always and i must suffer the pain,

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