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Thread: Urgent Help Needed!

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    Urgent Help Needed!

    It's urgent because it's coming in 3 days and i still need time to decide. My fellow friends and I are going to participate in a choral speaking competition. It's compulsory for everyone in the school. The problem is that the majority of my group consists of another race. At first i thought it'll be ok but since they start to discriminate me and another 2 friends who are the same race as i am. They found fault with everything we did , every single mistake will be taken out for discussion. On Friday we were told that we had a practise this morning. Me and a few of my friends turned up but the conductor did not. We sat like fools. I hit the roof. Now i plan not to go for the competition.My parents have decided to talk the teacher but i mange to stop them in time because i fear they might make things worser(they're over protective over me).In return i offered to talk to the teacher.I know its not right but what else could i do, my parents wouldn't even allow me not to go to school that day.I wish i hadn't told them .Please give me some advise.

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    Not going to the competition only proves that they have won. Everyone at one point in their life has been discriminated against, its how that person handles the discrimination that shows who the real man (or woman) is.

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    Hi There !

    Discrimination is a terrible thing, but half of the damage is in the way that you take the discrimination ! Example - someone calls me fat. Two situations -

    1. I get very upset, and let someone elses negative words get me down, and let it get in the way of things I want to do in my life.

    2. I choose to deal with it and ignore it. It does not effect my life, and importantly the person who is discriminating will see that it does not effect you and more than likely stop. You need to get comfortable with yourself. There is no problem unless you believe there is a problem. If there is no problem, then what ever is being said to you is irrelevant to you and should be ignored.

    Unless there is any physical contact, I would work on being able to block out and know that these people are simply idiots. Don't worry about them - they will probably go through life being idiots !!!! Learn to love yourself, and their words will be meaningless to you.

    Whatever you do, do not let it get to you so much that it stops you living your life. There is no reason for that to happen.

    Go to your Choral competition and enjoy it as much as you can. No one can take that from you.

    Keep your chin up, and your head high

    Good luck,


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