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Thread: I cheated on my boyfriend and i feel terrible

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    I cheated on my boyfriend and i feel terrible

    This is quite a dumb problem but it happened to me. i never thought it was possible for me a 16 yr old gurl to feel so terrible. i have recently cheated on my boyfriend i promised him i wouldn't. i lied and committed a sin. OMG! i need sum help from anyone on this: how can i get my ex to forgive me and to forget what happened to be happy with me again? i know that i have learned my lesson and i don't even know why i did it. he keeps on telling me that i deserve every minute of torture and u know what i am. i have had enough. i really feel terrible and i have tried everything to say that im sorry. i have emailed him, called him, and sent him ecards, and he won't talk to me. he's the one that suggested friends and he's not even talking to me anymore!

    HELP ME! plz


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    This may sound harsh, but you do deserve it. A relationship is a commitment, and by staying faithful to him is a way of showing your commitment to him. I understand that mistakes happen and he should forgive you for it, but forgiveness doesnt mean he'll take you back. Personally, as a guy, i wouldnt take you back no matter what. But if you want him that bad, the only thing you can do is give him space and let him know you still care about him. Talk to him every now and then, dont show interest in anyone else and be persistent yet distant. If you are lucky enough for him to come back, you better treat him like hes the king of the world.

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    You cheated on him, theres nothing you can do. You should of thought of all this before doign shyt with another guy.

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    Sorry for what happened to your relationship. If that's any comfort to you, don't underestimate the power of compassion. If your bf's love for you is strong enough, with time, the wound will heal. Granted that you've betrayed his trust in you, so I hope you learn a good lesson. If things doesn't turn out the way you want it to be, don't blame yourself too much, we all have our sinful hours. Just remember everything in life, no matter good or bad, has it's silver linings. Just try to better yourself as a person, and love will come to you.

    hope it helped.

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    sucks doesn't it? How would you feel if he did that to you? I'd leave you too and not contact you. People need to realize that every action has a consequence. You might not be able to get him back, but learn from this experience

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    You cheated on your b/f and now you want a quick fix???

    Has the thought not entered your head that men can be hurt just as much as women??

    You deserve what you get. You cheated thats your fault. If your boyfriend really meant that much to you in the first place then you wouldn't have cheated on him. The very fact that you did shows that you don't really care for him as much as you should.

    As far as I'm concerned the only thing you can do is give it time. There isn't a quick fix. I feel sorry for your b/f for having to put up with a girl like you.

    Sorry if it's harsh but you young girls just need to get over the ego thing which keeps making you all play around all the time. It's about time some of you took relationships seriously instead of just messing men around.

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    Turboz, your a friggin genius. Never before have I heard such truth. damn.

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    i recently slept with this guy. i am single at the minute but i really like this one guy, and i dont know why i did stuff with this other guy!! i feel terrible and i feel like when i see this guy again, the one i really do love... im just not going to be able to look at him in the eye. and i dont want to tell him, i know i should but i can't. its not like im with him. i just know now that im an idiot for doing it. i hate people who cheat!!!!! i really need some comforting, and someone to tell me that what i did wasn't wrong. even though it was. so

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    Well, the only thing that makes me hesitate in tearing you down (Before the inevitable ban I would get from the mods) is that you are 16.

    Yeah, you cheated and that's something that will follow you your entire life (You have the character to cheat, from here on it's going to be a constant struggle not to) but atleast you are not 25+ doing it like some of these immature women who post here. You have a reason to be immature.

    You have ALOT of time to learn from this, and I hope you do. As far as what to do right now? Well, the first thing you should do is tell your boyfriend.

    Cheating was bad, but not telling him is going to be even worse. He deserves to know, even if it hurts him. It will hurt more if you hide it from him and he finds out down the road (Which he will).

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    BAH! Stop necroing old threads!


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