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Thread: help me.. please.. i'm suffering and struggling..

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    Mar 2003

    help me.. please.. i'm suffering and struggling..

    ya, so like the same online gf i had mentioned before, she made her choice, she wanna broke up with me, but she want me to be her "Closest best friend" I REALLY DONT KNOW what is going on, i really REALLY still love her, we still play games together, sometimes she did the kiss emotion to me in the online game and say that is a friendly kiss, i dont know what to do. but now, she just said she like me and another guy and he dont know what to choose. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! ;-; I MEAN I LOVE HER SO MUCH i can either do
    1st. be selfish - do what ever ican with all cost to get her back
    2nd. be openminded - let the other guy have her, even i will have a hard heart broken, but she should be probably happy cause she won't feel stressed no more by choosing who...
    I dont know why the hell there is the second option, but that just in my mind... I really love her, i dont wanna see her felt stressed, that makes me felt pain as well, but the most pain is if i got heart brokened. This time i dont know why its so different then the online relationship i had before.. Before when I broke up with some body i just felt kind of sad and think o well i will find another one, but this one i just CANT let go! i can't stop liking her!
    gosh.. please help me, this feeling is in myself i cannot express and it is killing me... please help..... its driving me crazy..
    well, here is teh full record of chat between me and her, u wlil understand more if u read it

    (From [L]una) : we r best friend now aren't we -_-
    (To [L]una) : yes because thats what u want
    (From [L]una) : ...............
    (To [L]una) : you know i am sacraficiing just wanna make u happy
    (To [L]una) : i cried when the day u ask me to broke up u just dont know
    (From [L]una) : i cry too -_-
    (To [L]una) : then why??
    (To [L]una) : do u know how much i love u?
    (To [L]una) : u are my life
    (To [L]una) : now its gone
    (To [L]una) : i'm messed up
    (From [L]una) : please don't say this to me again ><
    (From [L]una) : i really ......................>< confused
    (To [L]una) : confused abut ur feeling?
    (To [L]una) : i really feel sorry about being so mean to u sometimes lately
    (To [L]una) : just if i dont get mad i will get sad and start cryingagain
    You got Apple 1
    (To [L]una) : i really really dont wanna be like that to u
    (To [L]una) : i am really sorry
    (From [L]una) : i don't know i'm confused tai!!!
    (To [L]una) : u do know that i still wake up so early in the morning
    (To [L]una) : and still giving u stuff and help u all i can
    (To [L]una) : because the feeling i had about u still the same
    (To [L]una) : even as friend u want
    (To [L]una) : i hided my feeling
    (To [L]una) : cause i dont wanna force u
    (To [L]una) : if u want to be like that i can force myself to be like that
    (From [L]una) : i don't know tai ><
    (To [L]una) : as long u are happy and i can be with u
    (From [L]una) : i want to have freedom ><
    (To [L]una) : that is not a problem for me
    (To [L]una) : yes i understand
    (To [L]una) : we can change the format for bf/gf if u want
    (To [L]una) : i did think about what i did wrong in the past
    (From [L]una) : let me left this game for awhile i feel STRESSED ><
    (To [L]una) : i nag u too much
    (To [L]una) : nonono
    (To [L]una) : sorry
    (From [L]una) : i don't know
    (From [L]una) : i love u both i don't know ><
    (To [L]una) : ._.
    (From [L]una) : ><
    (From [L]una) : oh well...
    (To [L]una) : just remember this
    (To [L]una) : luna
    (To [L]una) : i might not be rich in the game like some people
    (From [L]una) : ........
    (To [L]una) : i might not be strong in the game like some people
    (From [L]una) : is not rich problems........
    (To [L]una) : BUT i do know one thing
    (From [L]una) : i don't care about wealth!
    (To [L]una) : i love u more then anybody
    (From [L]una) : don't see me like this
    (To [L]una) : with all the power i can
    (To [L]una) : i wanna help u till end
    (To [L]una) : to see you to be happy
    (From [L]una) : i don't know
    (To [L]una) : even if it took me can't go online or something
    (From [L]una) : ><
    (To [L]una) : as long u are happy
    (From [L]una) : let me go.. please let me..................
    (To [L]una) : i did
    (To [L]una) : i just
    (From [L]una) : i myself leave =(
    (To [L]una) : express my feeling
    (To [L]una) : NO
    (To [L]una) : dont
    (To [L]una) : please
    (To [L]una) : i need to say it
    (To [L]una) : cause this feeling is killing me inside me for so long
    (To [L]una) : i ask my friend what should i do
    (To [L]una) : my friend say i should let it out
    (To [L]una) : i am very loyal luna, even u dont trust me,
    (To [L]una) : u are my life u_u
    (To [L]una) : they want u to be their gf might just think ur character looks cute
    (To [L]una) : but i like u as the person u are
    (To [L]una) : not just a character
    (From [L]una) : no he don't...
    (From [L]una) : we been good friends for a long time
    (To [L]una) : sigh..
    (To [L]una) : i cant force u to do anything..
    (To [L]una) : u_u
    (To [L]una) : the only thing i can prey
    (To [L]una) : is to hope u can love me again
    (To [L]una) : thats all i can do
    (To [L]una) : i know i'm not a good bf
    (To [L]una) : but i try to change
    (To [L]una) : change to what ever its suitable for u
    (To [L]una) : i dont know how to explain it
    (To [L]una) : UGH
    (To [L]una) : what am i kidding I NEED YOU LUNA X_X
    (To [L]una) : i was afraid something like this will happen
    (To [L]una) : i need u so bad luna ;-;
    (To [L]una) : u are very special to me
    (To [L]una) : really
    (To [L]una) : i never bluff u or anything in the place when i saying anything good a
    (To [L]una) : about u i nthe past
    (To [L]una) : I TRULY BELIEVE U ARE
    (From [L]una) : bye kun u_u
    (To [L]una) : u really is the girl i can ever dream of
    (To [L]una) : NO
    (To [L]una) : wait
    (To [L]una) : what kind of bye is that?
    (To [L]una) : bye for going off? or by for u are choosing him? ;-;
    (From [L]una) : TOO MUCH
    (From [L]una) : THAT TOO MUCH
    (To [L]una) : u know what
    (To [L]una) : i made my choice
    (To [L]una) : if it feel less stressed
    (To [L]una) : choose him u_u
    (To [L]una) : i can sacrafice myself
    (To [L]una) : as long make u happy
    (To [L]una) : its ur choice
    (From [L]una) : I DON"T KNOW TAI.............
    (From [L]una) : bye.........i'm leaving
    (To [L]una) : u can have time
    (To [L]una) : from the past experience
    (To [L]una) : u can have all the time u want o make choice
    (To [L]una) : and i promise u
    (From [L]una) : bye kun hope u find a new gf
    (From [L]una) : i'm leaving
    (To [L]una) : if u choose to choose me
    (To [L]una) : i will let u have as much freedom as u want
    (To [L]una) : and as always
    (To [L]una) : my answer is no i am not gonna find a new gf
    ([L]una)There is no such character name.

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    Bronze Member segagirl's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    not sure anymore.....:)

    your love

    wow, you sweet thing you. lots of information to read through....
    I wish there was a simple answer for you. The best I can see it that your love, no matter how true cannot win her. she will come to you if you are right for her. Sounds awful I know. Hold steady to your love, but let her go for now. She needs some time to sort out how she feels. She will respect you for the space you give her. In dealing with the anxiety, exercise, hang with friends and try to be proud of yourself for staying strong through a tough time.

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    Mar 2003
    how about me??? how can i make this awful feeling disappear? everytime i saw her in the game, it renew my wound, i dont know should i do... >_< this feeling is killing me bad

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    Mar 2003
    sometimes i felt that she is too young to understand how i feel about her u_u (i just turn 16 and she is 14)


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    Bronze Member segagirl's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    not sure anymore.....:)
    well the first thing is there is no easy way to make it go away. Your pain needs time to heal..Your body and mind need the time. For some loss can take many months, sometimes years to heal. the best you can do is feel the pain, yell, cry and know that (as bad as it sounds) this will make you stronger the next time around. And seeing her is tough...just be sure to be the bigger man, and go about your business like nothing is wrong and of course try to avoid seeing her. You cannot control how you feel for her, but you can control your actions, so for now work on you and finding things that will make you feel better
    her age...young for her to make solid decisions on how she really feels. You have to assume at this point she is really just starting to figure out who she is. But im am sure she "gets" how you feel.

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