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Thread: well needed advice

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    well needed advice

    i separated from my husband about a month ago and i met someone online after we separated this man is gr8 we have so much in common its not even funny i am now living back with my husband we are not together but we sstill have sex i sleep in a different room then he does but this guy im talking with online doesnt know im living back with him i dont want to tell him because i fear that will break us apart i really like this guy what should i do?

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    Hi feeling love,

    First of all welcome to eNotalone.com and thank you for coming to us for seeking advice. I am sorry to hear that you had to break up with your husband. It pleases me, though, that you meet other people now. I understand that you are worried over what to do with your new friend and your husband.

    My rule in life is: "Honesty is the best policy at all times." I believe that you are confused, not knowing what you really want and expect out of life. In my opinion it all starts here. My suggestion thereforeeeeeee is to figure out who you would like to be with: your husband or your friend. I am afraid that if you decide for one, you will have to let go of the other one. It looks like that you're close to both of them. That looks like a troubling situation to me.

    I hope that this helps you on your way and I wish you luck and strength to make the right decisions that will work for you.

    ~ SwingFox ~

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