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Thread: My Ex bf n I,should we carry on like this?

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    My Ex bf n I,should we carry on like this?

    Please help.

    We broke up after many yrs together. 2 years we have been separated.I have a bf and my ex is already engaged with another girl.

    he's been asking me to get bck to him for nearly 2 yrs but i refused, then suddenly he told me (few months ago) that he's getting engaged with a girl whom he just met for few months. The reason why we broke up is because he betrayed me once...

    yesterday he called me up again,we always on the phone together... he was telling me how much fun it was when he was with me, telling me all sort of sharings. our topic even covered our bedroom stories..

    i know this is bad.. we both know that we can;t get bck together...
    but i cant help it.. i should stop taking his phone call right?
    i dun want to hurt his fiance .. i wish him all the best but then .. he is a guy whom i will never forget.. .

    is it okie that i still keep in touch with him, it;s all via phone calls, i dun think we will meet up again anyway..

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    Hello ququ,

    I don't think it okies for you and your ex to be talking like that if you already have others in your lives. You say you two can't get back, but can't let go...but your going to have to let go. It's not fair to the others (your new bf and his fiance'). Put yourself in your ex's finace' shoes, I'm sure it would bug you....and even now he talks like this to you but then goes to her. Sweetie you just gotta move on, don't take his calls, emails, or whatever. You got to heal and doing this with him will not help. Good luck.

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    He has betrayed you once, and by trying to get with you, shows a pattern that he is on his way to betraying his new fiance. Some guys (not all) use "our love" for them as a weakness and will have as much sex as we put out there for them. YOU must recognize the pattern he is setting, and walk away, regardless of how much it hurts.

    Its so unfair for his fiance to have a man like this, whom she trusts to be faithful, yet hes tryna get with you...and yes, the best thing is for you to NOT let this go farther. You must be in total control of the situation. If you know that you still have feelings for him, and he will get you HOTT if u 2 are alone..id say keep your distance, because it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know how difficult it is to pull away, when ur making out and gettin wet...sometimes u just have to have it...

    YOu dont need it, for a guy to keep toying with your emotions like that, which is exactly what he is doing., nor should you contribute to another womans inevitable heartache that you can clearly see that will happen..just as you have experienced...

    whateva u do, just use the knowledge u have gained and do the right thing...we women have got to look out for one another ,and not let guys like this misuse us,...it hurts the NEXT wonderful man that doesnt possess these traits...



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