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Thread: for women who r in uni/college, do you meet good men?

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    Apr 2003

    for women who r in uni/college, do you meet good men?

    im gonna be going to collge this september, and im leaving my godforsaken borin town to go back to the city(London) where i grew up in for 9 years. the thing is a lot has most deffinately changed, and im wondering will i find a good man? kinda scared of the whole experince anyway.but i havent had a boyfriend in while because the boys in my school and town find me to be something that im not either im to "scary" or to "girlpowerish" or way to "inimidating". or if the'll assume i have a boyfriend. but im sorry thats just who i am, i feel like i got this STAY AWAY vibe to me, but i dont mean to have it. im just trying to be a strong black women, the way ive been brought up kinda hinders my personality anyway. but why why why!

    women can you help?

    pps men as well can you gimmie some tips?

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    Apr 2003
    It seems I can give you advice on this post also!

    I had never had a boyfriend before I left school. The boys that went to my school were extremely immature, and not what I was looking for. College opened up so many doors. I didn't meet my boyfriend, directly through college (But, after meeting him actually found out he was doing my course!) I met him at a bar, where his band played. Basically, it was through mutual friends, all whom I was hanging out with because of college.

    College meant freedom. I was legally allowed into pubs and clubs, and was able to venture out and socialise with new people. The boys at college are much more mature, and everyone is treated more equally. There is no petty groups of who is "popular" and who is not. This makes it much easier to meet new people.

    You'll have no problem meeting boys. College/Uni is great fun! Be excited.

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