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Thread: Moving to a foreign country...

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    Moving to a foreign country...

    I have been planning for the past 2 years on moving to London, England. I will be moving there in October of this year. There are various reasons why I am doing this: I would like to do some travelling and see the rest of the world so that I can appreciate my own country. I would like to go through a period of personal growth and development. I am 24, finished university 3 years ago, but I did not stay in a residence because my university was only 20 kms from my house. So I have never lived on my own. I have always lived in my parents house. I would like to be able to take care of myself now...
    My reasons for going are also partly financial - the economic conditions in my country sometimes makes life far more difficult than it should be. But my main reason for going is for the experience.
    Now my question is: What advice would anyone give who has moved to a foreign county? How can I prepare myself mentally, emotionally, etc. A few of my friends have also moved to London, so I will not be totally isolated...it would be nice to meet a few new friends from around the world though. So if anyone could give me some advice in this regard I would appreciate it.
    Thanks 0X

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    Hi Alien,

    I was going over "unanswered posts" and found this one of you. I hope that my reply still interests and helps you along.

    Since I live in a country nearby England, I can tell you safely that England is a very expensive country to live in, especially London. I would try to see if you could find a place somewhere outside London. The subway system is awesome, though, it gets you pretty much anywhere and it's very easy to use.

    What I strongly recommend you, is that you talk to the Embassy of Great Britain in your country. Hopefully they have an Embassy or Council nearby. For you being American it shouldn't be too difficult to get into the country at all. You do need visa, but for England the requirements are very low when it comes to American citizens. For further information I recommend you link removed This is the official web-site for the British Foreign Offices in the US.

    I hope this was helpful for you and wish you good luck in your preparations and lots of fun on your way.

    ~ SwingFox ~

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