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Thread: angry at dad im pregnant and engaged

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    angry at dad im pregnant and engaged

    hi my name is brandiy i just want to say that i am 18 pregnant and engaged. i am going to move out of my parents home soon and in to my finace's. i have major problems with my dad we fight all the time. the other night we faught. i got really mad at him and said that he couldnt even be at the hospital when i have my baby. i also said he couldnt see the baby until i came home to visit. and i said he couldnt give me away at the wedding. my mom said if thats what i want then she'll tell him that i wasnt kiding. am i worng to think and want this? brandiy

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    too much stress

    I think that you are under too much stress to handle any of the problems going on with you. When you move out you can start planning better and see how you feel. Most people would want him to walk you down the isle, but I also feel that we must earn our place in society by acting correctly.

    He isn't acting like a father but a spoiled child.

    So when you move out you'll be able to see things a little more clearly, I hope! and hold off on making any rash decisions, ok?

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