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Thread: PROMS coming up, plzHELP! (i dont drink)

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    Jan 2003

    PROMS coming up, plzHELP! (i dont drink)

    OK heres the thing, My moms so proud of me, I dont drink or do drugs, I always tell her "mom id never do that stupid stuff". The proms coming up. Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and 7 months, and Ive got drunk once before, I was really loud. But I drank a lot. But NOW, I want to drink, We are renting a limo with like 4 couples including me and my boyfriend. There all getting drunk, and I DONT want to get drunk because they are, But I think it would be fun to, NOT REALLY DRUNK, just buzzed. But do you think i should be the sober one? I could have fun without being drunk, But, Id kinda like to be just buzzed, 2 drinks, thats it.
    Im I just being stupid, if im gonna drink, Ill tell my mom, for sure, because we have a trust and we tell eachother EVERYTHING, and she knows i smoked weed once cuz i told her, she knows i drank once because i told her, if i tell her im gonna drink like 2 beers, i hope she wont be mad, or pissed, or not let me go, can someone of age tell me, please dont tell me not to drink, because ill feel like a lame the whole time, but is feeling like a lame on your prom night, really worthe it? will i look back and say, damn that wasnt fun!!!!!!

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    Words from someone who don't need no fake ID.

    Alcohol is a tricky thing. People drink it for a variety of reasons and the fear your mom has is that you will get into trouble. (Obviously). Since you are just starting to drink, may I suggest that you teach yourself NOW what your limits are. If you feel like you want to have two beers, then have them. If you say two though, stop there, if you can't stop there, then you shouldn't drink until you have some self control. Do you want to spend Prom puking? Do you want to remember Prom? (Drinking can cause some of your precious memories of this night to vanish). Easy does it, always. BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL INTO THE MOST COMMON TRAP OF ALL, to drink to have fun. That's total B.S. and half of my friends (ages 21-35) cannot for the life of them have a good time sober and that is sad. Really sad. You will experiment, but is Prom the right night? It's up to you, but be the smart girl that you are.

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